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  1. Quite honestly that is a great way of looking at it Topcho that I have never thought of. Very interesting way to see things and it rather changes the way I look at "meeting" people. I have never counted the internet connections until you put it in your words. Now I think I will have to change my opinion. :grin:
  2. This is a question that I felt compelled to ask. I of course did a search and found several numbers. Some numbers were as small as 4000 different languages while others went to greater numbers of 6800 to 6900 different languages in the world. I knew that there was quite a few and that several languages have several dialects creating a new language but I was a bit shocked at the numbers. Did you ever ask yourself how many languages there were and what is your opinion on the numbers? Do you think it is more like 4000 different languges or possibly more in the ball park of 6900?
  3. My sister and I created our own words when we were younger. It was our very own language and the only people to know it then and now are us. For us it was a way to communicate without our parents or other family members knowing. It was very fun and mysterious for us. Even today we still use a few of the words when we are hanging out together. It throws everyone else off.
  4. I think learning from music would be a good way to shake up the learning platform. For me it would be easy because I love to listen to music. I could submerge myself in a good CD and learn at the same time. I will have to try this type of learning.
  5. I feel Spanish is a needed language if you are living in North America. So many spanish speaking people have found their homes in North America and it is beneficial to native English speakers to know Spanish as it is equally beneficial to the spanish speakers. In my area, if you know English and Spanish you are more likely to be hired for a job as opposed to only knowing English.
  6. I was wondering about the Rosetta Stone route. I have not tried it but would be willing to if it is cost effective and efficient. What were your problems with it? I took Spanish in high school and I have retained a few things but not very many.
  7. I am afraid that I have yet to have this experience but it sounds as if it was very rewarding for you. Perhaps one day it will be rewarding for me. I am on the new journey to learn.
  8. English is my native tongue but I have always dreamed of learning several different languages. Spanish is my first choice because we have so many spanish speaking people in my area and if you are bi-lingual in the job market it is a huge plus. After that I hope to learn German, French and Italian... not necessarily all in that order. If I learn more that that I would be very happy!
  9. I am pretty sure that my first words were Dada and Mama! Soon after that I said balloon because I loved chasing after them. I can remember trying to say molasses and saying glasses instead. I could not pronounce the mol for some reason.
  10. Hello there everyone. My name is Shelly. I am from NC (eastern United States). I am the mother of six boys and I have always wanted to learn several different languages. I took Spanish back in highschool but I don't remember too very much from it. I am going to start my bi-lingual journey with Spanish and I hope to add German, French and Italian to my tongue as well!
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