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  1. I agree apricity just sounds lovely and the meaning is quite nice too. Did anyone ever hear of eyelashes being called eyewinkers? I heard my grandma use it--didn't know if it were her word of a real word? I spent a lot of time with her, I should remember more words she used.
  2. We experienced this when we lived in Germany and would speak to English speaking people from non- English speaking countries. I can't think of an example right now but they were very common american idioms, lost in translation.
  3. How about "save a buck" "earn a buck" "big bucks"?
  4. I wonder; have no idea. So many obscure little countries,most I don't even know. What do you think?
  5. Had an argument with an old lady at my writer's group, former writer's group actually.The bone of contention was reiterate and iterate. I looked it up and either seems fine! What do you think about this word? Do I iterate and then, later reiterate or can I reiterate any time I choose? My dictionary leads me to believe these words are interchangeable. One more complaint---my ex says aks (ax) instead of ask. It is so stupid; the kids have even told him and he is very very well read! What is up with aksing me a question, bozo? Oh, big no-no in my book. Misusing the word boisterous! Some say voict
  6. How expensive are these courses? I barely have grocery money; are there no free courses? I wonder if my local university would let me audit some classes? I have no need for another degree but like learning. You know what it means when you are on a fixed income, right? It is society's way of placing older citizens on an iceberg and giving them a resounding push! Byby!
  7. I am in the same boat, Jellyfish! Not likely to ever own a smartphone--a tablet perhaps. What is a tablet, like a Nook? Do these devices go online? Why not just use my laptop for all that? Can you get Mindsnacks on the laptop? Why do I need one of these? To read books? I like real books, why would I like this better? I don't pay to read at the library. To go online? Again, laptop? What else? I would like to know about this, maybe even buy one. Help please--is it worth the expense? Which one is better? I don't care if I am up to date but if it is something I can use... :sweating:
  8. I have always wanted to learn Spanish and running out of time! How can I go about learning on my own? Cd's anywhere? I would work very hard at it--i promise!
  9. I sure did and I thought it was very cool! Those were the old snail mail days and my mom would never let me have a stamp! Can you believe it? How can one broaden their horizons when they are blocked by those in power? Perhaps the subject for another day!
  10. No but it worked for teaching my son his multiplication tables; seems like it would be a great way to do it! I wish I could find some CD's to learn Spanish--where would those be sold?
  11. For me, there is something comforting about holding a dictionary in my hands. At the moment , since I am not involved in a language program, I only have bunches of English dictionaries. I do have a small translation devise, probably outdated. :wacky:
  12. Thank you but I am not up to this quite now! It is very complicated!
  13. How about "happy as a clam at high tide"? How happy that is, I cannot imagine but pretty happy. Is that a simile then, uses as or like? I love this site, very informative. the old ladies and sticks knocks me out and makes about as much sense as cats and dogs! :speechless:
  14. What do you think phrases like "the cat's ass" or the "bees knees" seriously mean? Are these idioms and what makes the cat's ass so great? Do bees actually have knees and if they do, is it a good thing?
  15. "More fish in the sea" means there are other lovers/girlfriends/whatever out there for you--this will not be your only love affair.
  16. They can be even more confusing when you try to translate them into another language. It's hard because we know they are not literal but learners of English probably don't. On it's best day, English is confusing! So many rules and then, contradictions for these rules.
  17. I heard the one as" between you and and I and the fence post". Not much different.
  18. Figurative speech all the way! I am always sarcastic.Thanks for clarifying this.
  19. :confused: I missed a great deal of school in my teens and pre teens so I know very little about grammar. Hate it actually because I am so inept. I couldn't identify a gerund to save my life. The only clause I know is Santa. You get the idea. That is a hard thing for a writer to admit. Also I have a degree in Technical Writing--how does that work? I can get by because I have read so much all my life so I know how it's supposed to sound, most of the time.
  20. Being old-school or maybe just old, I still rely on my dictionary. I think I have one in almost every room and I really love them! Faithfully, if I find or hear a word I don't know (and I love that), I immediately look it up! Looked up polyglot tonight for this very site. This is a good tip--thank you.
  21. Is there a rule I've missed because I am never sure if I am laying or lying? Do I lie my head on his shoulder or simply lay it? Please advise :speechless:
  22. These are great esp the Animal Farm one. How about "The more you love, the closer you are to hate." Does that qualify? This is a fun site and you are smart folks!
  23. Just looked it up: polyglot. Sounds like something you might find in the bathtub drain but it is, as I suspected, someone who speaks and writes many languages. But you probably knew that. :wacky:
  24. Polyglot? Does that mean he knows several languages? I ought to look up the new word as well as this site. Very interesting!
  25. :amazed:Right now the only, I mean only, thing keeping me from learning a new language is money. If I could afford to, I would sign up at Rosetta Stone right now. It's hell to be broke:)
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