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  1. I took French and find it to be a very fancy language. I loved it. The culture is lovely to learn about as well. I have found that it just takes time for the words to begin to roll off your tongue.
  2. I am wondering if Chinese is very difficult? I have wanted to learn some of the language in the event I go to China. I have found it a bit overwhelming so far, however.
  3. It really depends on what languages are being spoken in the movie. I will sometimes use Subtitles. This is not something I will do all the time though-just as needed.
  4. I think the languages are similar in how difficult they are to learn. I am partial to French because that is what I took in High School. I have been thinking of taking up Spanish now, however.
  5. Sadly, our local library does not. I am luck though in that there is a college not far from here. Adults can have a library card for the University Library. They have about any book you could want.
  6. I learned that it is an if the word following starts with a vowel. Now, of course, hour does not start with a vowel. However, it sounds as if it does. And the H is silent. So for that reason, you would say An Hour.
  7. You would use who in the sentence you provided. I know it likely sounds better with whom-but that is not the way it works. Whom is often used if it follows words such as: with, from, for. At least I think that is how it works.
  8. There are a lot of people who seem very poor at spelling. I do blame technology for this one. People are often typing on computers and other electronics from a young age. The programs correct their spelling errors. Individuals do not need to pay as much attention to their spelling when typing it out. Therefore, they forget how to spell when writing.
  9. It is true that people often misuse the '. I think it is because there are so many different rules pertaining to its use. Sometimes people use the apostrophe in the wrong way. They might for instance, want to say "The dog ate its bone" and they might write its as it's to show ownership. But in this case no apostrophe is used.
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