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  1. Well I have done this many times when I had to tell a story to my friends. I was living abroad for some months so I have quite a lot of stories to tell my friends! It's not always as easy at it sounds, so I imagine it will be even harder to do it right there!
  2. Nice! I'm going to add a couple of examples that confuse some people when they try to learn the difference between para and por. Por mi, haz lo que tu quieras. Para mi, será mejor si expliques la situación. So, you can express opinion with both para and por, but por implies a more negative attitude, while para is more casual.
  3. Repetition and abundance always has a negative effect on every thing you can imagine. As you said many same words in the same text, devaluate each other. Same goes for exclamation marks. If you end each sentence with an exclamation mark, in the end it will seem as you are not excited at all. Too many adjectives defining a noun devaluate each other. This can go really far. Think about money. When a nation has a lot of money, the individual coin loses it's value!
  4. Our local library is pretty good, but I never go there. If I need a book, I'll go to my university's library where I'll surely find what I need. Also, my department's library has only spanish and italian books, because of our specialization!
  5. Most people speak two languages nowadays, so I consider it normal. The strongest language learner I've seen was a coordinator at a university, that could speak 9 languages. I was just amazed!
  6. I'll go with Spanish on this one too. While grammatically both languages are not that different, french has an extra boundary, it's pronunciation. Both languages are an awesome choice though. If you plan on learning a new language, pick the one you like the most.
  7. In topics like these, Rowling's Harry Potter series will always come first to mind! Such amazing books to read. I always loved Rowling's atmosphere and third person narrative. Some people just know how to write!
  8. I get Qamra's point, but spelling has to do with etymology, whereas pronunciation is subject to evolution. There needs to be a really heavy change in pronunciaton for the actual spelling of the word to be changed.
  9. I believe I'm in the middle. When we were reading some texts back at school, I would always finish just a touch before most people. Being a fast reader could be handy in some situations though, so it's good to learn and read faster.
  10. English will always be a good language to me. When I was having english lessons I wasn't really into it. Even when I started learning Spanish, English was still a good language. It's not the language I like the most. It's the language I'm better at, and that makes me feel good. If I were bad, I bet I'd hate it!
  11. There is no doubt that my children will have to learn english, so I won't comment on that. I don't have a choice anyway. But I'd like to immerse them into Spanish too. Why Spanish? Because I am a Spanish teacher, so I will have a chance to try and teach them at a young age!
  12. After 5-6 years of studying Spanish I can finally say and prove that I am fluent. I am that late because the first four years, I was never asked to speak Spanish seriously. I only spoke twice for some oral exams (I study Spanish Philology by the way). But, this January I moved to Spain for five months. I had a bit of trouble speaking the very first days. I just never had no other option than speak the language or not speak at all. By the end of my stay I was fluent on a really high level.
  13. I have that same feeling about "comfortable". I know it shouldn't change spelling because that would be etymologically wrong, but I don't get how it came to be pronounced that way!
  14. So, when you rent a blu ray for a night at home, do you prefer to watch your movie with or without the subtitles? I personally watch mostly english speaking films with english subtitles. This way, I make sure I don't miss out anything. Why in english? Well, this way I don't miss anything in the translation too! How about you guys?
  15. Hi there! I also speak three languages. Greek, which is my native language, English and Spanish. I've been in touch with English since i was 12 (I am now 21) and I started learning Spanish at the age of 16. I now want to find some time and get more serious about learning Italian!
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