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  1. It's funny, but if I am really angry and I am speaking English... yes, I might have some trouble. But I rarely use Spanish words here and there when angry, it's more like I try to control myself the most I can, I don't want to end up saying something I will regret later. I do have a hard time remembering some words though, even in Spanish, but I don't know if it's because I'm trying to censor myself or it's just my anger acting up.
  2. Never. Not to me at least, but according to my mom she could never learn french no matter how much she tried... I honestly think she wasn't being taught using the right method. Plus she wasn't even motivated, that is a huge factor. It's like when I am reading a book, sometimes if I am distracted or just kind of tired and keep on reading that book... the information will just slide off, it won't stay. It happens, when I start to notice that is happening I know it's time for me to stop and take a rest. This happens to me also when I want to push myself and read more chapters!
  3. For me it was almost the same I am so thankful I learnt English when I was young, otherwise I am completely sure i'd have completely missed a lot great opportunities. I also taught English for a while, but I didn't like the teaching experience. But if I hadn't learnt English then I'd not be able to make my living the way I am now.
  4. I sometimes babble when I am not learning But I also do it when I am learning, I did it a lot when i was first learning to speak English and then dutch. It helps a lot to know what noises you can make. You know, check your own limits and so on.
  5. I definitely think they should be used as a complimentary tool I am actually in search of an app I can use to memorize new words in Dutch, I think apps like Memrise can he helpful for that, specially if you get involved enough to create your own list of basic words. I actually have a unfinished word list I still need to work on I might go back to that, I was also working on adding the audio to the words that didn't already have one in the audio library.
  6. That is a very interesting theory, actually they say something similar about mind mapping. That is why images are used a lot, and words not so much. Maybe I should give this app a try now that I am trying to learn new vocabulary If I recall right I did learn some new words there, but I am kind of worried after hearing some Dutch natives have found several mistakes that the Duolingo team wasn't willing to correct.
  7. Hahahaha, I got that phrase as well in Dutch. Not very original if you ask me But those guys do what they can, I used that app for a while but then after a while I got really bored. Simply because they didn't make me say or write things I could use to start a conversation. Unless I wanted to talk about bears that like to drink beers. I actually wrote them something regarding to that, that if only they wrote things with context and colloquialisms. That would help a lot! Focusing on widely used greetings and common phrases would help a lot as well.
  8. Lol, then how do you actually make friends with them? I mean it, I had never had so much trouble before, not even in Norway. They don't sound as hard as the Japanese though, but how do the dutch socialize exactly? I don't get it. I was thinking of just focusing on expats, but I need to improve my dutch and learn more.
  9. That sounds like a really nice and helpful app for all those poor Syrian refugees who might be struggling in Lebanon. Maybe more languages should be added as well later, because well, there also are a lot refugees spread all over Europe.
  10. Hi guys, I am officially studying dutch again My grammar is ok, now I need to learn more words! I need to do that so I start using the language more and start understanding more of what I read and what people say. I'm not sure what to do about this though, can anyone give me some advice on this one? I was using Memrise, but it gets kind of boring after a while and I got stuck building my own list. Any kind of advice, tips or sites that might be helpful will be greatly appreciated
  11. I personally prefer ''Dank u wel'' It's less confusing, I never liked to see all those words all glued together, looked a bit off. Dank je wel for me it is Thanks for clarifying that, I was starting to get kind of confused, because I had seen both forms being used, but you never know (now we do )
  12. MVV stands for residence permit By the way, I just found out my MVV got approved, so I am moving out soon. I need to start learning dutch again, I am going to Mexico city soon, hopefully if all goes well I will finally get my MVV. I've 3 months to do that. Thanks for the advice, I will try that I am actually looking to learning new words, what would you recommend for that? I mean, what do you recommend for memorization of new words?
  13. It doesn't help if it comes from someone you love and trust either Specially if the intentions of said person weren't so good, like if he or she thinks that they can insult you and get away with it. Like telling you something in their language they'd never dare to say to you in a language you understand. That can be hurtful too, even if done as a joke. That is what happened to me, but I am ok now
  14. I haven't yet, but I will once I get a new phone I will make sure to write a review in your Google Play page once I get to install it and use it. It might be very soon, because I just got the letter letting me know my MVV has been approved. So I will start studying Dutch again very soon!
  15. This sounds good, I might actually try it. I've yet to try an app like this... I tried sites like Speaky, but you rarely find a partner to practice languages there. Specially if your target is Netherlands Dutch, most people there didn't seem to have the slightest idea of what they were there for. Most didn't reply messages, wanted you to be their personal teacher or weren't serious at all. They do seem kind of antisocial if you ask me o_O I had never had so much trouble finding a language exchange buddy before.
  16. You should try the Spanishpod101 site, it's not very cheap but if you are truly serious about learning Spanish... it will prove to be super useful. Well worth the money. I will actually get a subscription to the Dutchpod101 site in the future So many materials available in there, and if you are willing to pay a bit more you can actually get the help from a teacher and even a personalized study plan.
  17. This sounds like a very interesting proposal I will try it, I'm still trying to learn dutch (on hold right now though) but lately I've to search for information on several things regarding to living there and being an expat, etc. Sadly everything is in dutch, this sounds perfect!
  18. Yeah, sadly that is what you get from using a free service. I've noticed that with single short sentences (Dutch) the translation is fine, but if I try with something much longer and complex things stop making sense. Sadly there is no better choice (not for free), but Google can be so helpful if you know the language, at least a basic level. For me it has been very helpful Perfect for language students.
  19. Google Translate offers a lot considering it's free, but that being said.... I'd not expect too much because it's free. But it generally does well translating single sentences over whole walls of text. It's the best option out there, at least when it comes to online free translation apps The other option is paid human translation, so believe me when I tell you Google Translate is not bad at all, specially if you already speak a bit of the target language.
  20. Exactly! You totally got what I meant. It's really bad, specially if it comes from someone who is close to you and you are supposed to trust and respect (respect each other). I'm no longer upset with this person though I only hope he doesn't do this again. If he does we might have a problem.
  21. I gave up learning Finnish when I was younger I had recently learnt English, back then I was so motivated and so excited. I saw everything under a new light... I wanted to learn as many languages as possible. I bought a Finnish course (no CD - BIG mistake). It was the first language course for me... because I didn't buy anything to learn English. I gave up after a while, back then I also wanted to learn old Norse and old English I printed a lot online courses... sadly I fell short
  22. Lol, my answer where: 1) Whenever I feel like it and 2) At home. So very true I have never been the kind of person who can learn while being outside, like at a cafe or a park, I suffer from ADD since I was a kid, so concentrating is really difficult for me Before my exam I was studying Dutch daily for as many hours as possible, funny how this has changed. Ask me again in 3 years
  23. The only way I've successfully memorized new words from a book or magazine is by writing them down in a notebook. I am actually doing that with new words (English) that I didn't really know before (Since I started playing ''Alice madness returns'' I'm finding more new words). It might not work for everyone, but it does for me. I review my list every time I add a new word.
  24. I was checking one of those sites that are filled with interesting and not so interesting facts. One of those facts caught my attention, because according to it what we recognize nowadays as British accent is something quite new. It all started with the upper British class back in the time before the American revolution, back then it's said the accent of the British people was almost the same as the accent from their american counterparts. A while after that it turned to what it is now. I was mind blown! I couldn't help but to wonder... how true is that? Does anyone know? i'm really curious!
  25. Hi guys! It's been a while since I passed my exam, sadly I haven't studied dutch since then I'm still waiting for my MVV, I decided I'd wait to get it in order to start learning dutch. Otherwise I might fail miserably because this waiting is stressing me out so much, it makes me so nervous we haven't hear from them in over a month, but I know it takes them around months tops to take a decision. I just can't focus. So my new plan is: get a sub to Dutch101 once I get to the Netherlands and take it from there I might consider paying a bit extra, so that way I can get the personalized help from a Dutch teacher. I will get a job as soon as possible, so I guess I will also get to practice the language and hear an everyday dutch. This is odd, but I can't wait to go back to learning Dutch I'm starting t like it Wish me luck guys, waiting is so hard!
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