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  1. Where I live we make a candy that is also known as ''alfajor'', it's made with coconut and sugar, so we call it ''alfajor de coco''. I guess we are talking about the cookie here though (the cookie version is more popular in latin america). So I guess you could also say ''Alfajor cookie'' or ''Cornstarch cookie'', but I definitely think the former is better
  2. What kind of restaurant will you be working at? If you are a bit more specific I might be able to give you very specific answers as well But in general I'd say the member above me offered some really useful responses. I'd also like to add: ¿Qué quiere beber? - What would you like to drink? No, no se venden bebidas alcoholicas aquí - We don't sell alcoholic drinks here. No hay... - There is no... Es el especial de hoy - It's today's special. Le falta sal - It needs some salt.
  3. Hola! Claro! Has intentado ver mas pelicuas en español, pero con subtitulos en Ingles? Esa es una muy buena forma para aprender nuevas palabras y frases, me encanta ese metodo porque tambien puedes aprender como se usan ciertas palabras y en que contexto.
  4. Genial! ¿En que parte de Alemania vivio tu hermana? Yo estare viviendo en el Norte de Holanda (no estoy muy emocionada que digamos), creo que al principio quedarme a vivir alla sera raro, pero ya veremos Si, aprender holandes en español seria dificil, es por eso que lo estoy aprendiendo en ingles Creo que es mas facil asi, ¿no crees? Tomas clases o eres autodidacta?
  5. Hyggeligt reminded me of the very unique word used for the Dutch in that same contest, but sadly in English it translates only to ''Cozy''. I'm talking about Gezellig, of course It's used in the same way as ''hyggeligt'' At first I had a hard time understanding Gezellig, because Google translate gave me a hard time, thankfully I've been able to talk with some natives about it. That cleared everything up for me! I guess Gezellig is my favorite word in Dutch.
  6. Tat is really revealing and scary at the same time, I am talking about the picture you posted, of course! My fiance browses the web in his mother language, unlike me, I do search the web in English because it's the most international language and by surfing the web in Spanish I'm sure I'd miss a lot important things. Because yes, I have seen how media can be manipulated so badly, sometimes it's done on purpose, but sometimes it's just a misunderstanding. But that happens when surfing the web in English, specially when focusing on news that took place in a country with a different country and language.
  7. I guess I do have a language bucket list My list would look like this: Spanish - My native language, but I'd like to perfect it. Most Spanish speakers don't even write it that well or omit the commas (I omit comas too often out of laziness). I need to change that. I need to beat some bad habits. English - I'm fluid in it, but there is always room for improvement. French - Below A1 Dutch - A1 Russian - 0 Hebrew - Veeeery basic.
  8. My country is not known for their R&B inspired genres, but some neighboring countries from Latin America are know for their own There is a genre that is R&B inspired and that is the ''Reggeaton''. I never liked it to be honest.
  9. @NATASHA I believe your post would be better suited for the General language learning section instead of the language exchange corner, as a result I have moved it there.
  10. The first time I tried to practice Norwegian with a guy I was dating back then, back when I used to work and live in Norway. I ended up saying something really embarrassing (I don't dare to say it here) , but thankfully he laughed it off and later explained me what I had just said. So embarrassing, my face got red Wish that was the only time, but I made a fool of myself so many times when I had just started learning English and was learning it very actively (practicing).
  11. Hehehe! I wish my nightmares were as scary as yours Yeah, today I went to the movies, watched ''By the sea'' they spoke French a lot in that movie. I thought: ''Uhm, this is definitely doable! It all changes when you start to see everyday phrases used by the locals! That makes a big difference, if only there were more Dutch films I could watch and actually enjoy, lol. But yeah, once I start learning french and get good at it we can practice
  12. Thank you, I had no idea about the Dankjewel one, I thought there had to be spaces in that phrase. Does that affect the pronunciation of this phrase at all? And ah, the number 4.... I need to work more on word order, I haven't felt like studying Dutch since I passed the exam (huge mistake), I am just so overwhelmed I am moving there so soon, it's scary D: I really appreciate you correcting me, wish my fiance was that diligent! I need to learn how you guys actually use phrases and words, any recommendations? Movies? TV shows?
  13. Yo soy de el norte de Mexico (Chihuahua). A mi me pasa igual Estoy aprendiendo Holandés, pero no escribo mucho el idioma aca en el foro porque mi nivel es apenas A1 Voy a irme a vivir a los Paises Bajos en unos cuantos meses, asi que he estado aprendiendo Holandes casi a fuerzas xD Pero hace poco estuve en la CD. de Mexico para hacer el examen ''inburgering'' y gracias a D-os lo pase! ¿Por que estas aprendiendo Aleman?
  14. Hahahaha, en serio!? Con razon! Me he fijado que muchas veces las traducciones están muy mal hechas! Errores básicos, aunque a veces la mayoría de los errores que podía encontrar era cuando trataban de traducir correctamente expreciones idiomaticas y el slang en general. He visto casi todas esas peliculas, creo que me perdi ''la ley de Herodes''. A mi tambien me gusta esa clase de peliculas mexicanas, las otras que quieren parecerse a las comedias romanticas de Hollywood no me gustan nadita!
  15. I once heard that a sure way to know if someone likes you (in a platonic way) is to see if they mimic your body language. It's a psychological thing, so I guess this is something similar? I heard people do this also when they feel comfortable with you. So maybe this is the same? But people do fall out of love, maybe by then they have gotten so used to each other that they just keep using the same words and expressions they have been using since they got together because it's now part of them.
  16. Definitely. Why learn a language you are not even interested on? Unless you are in a situation like mine and you are only learning a new language because you love someone so much and you need to learn said language so you can be with him/her. No better motivation than that in my opinion When I started learning Dutch I saw it more like a chore than anything else, but now I am more motivated than ever! Funny how things can change so fast!
  17. Great topic, Ania! Personally speaking I've noticed one thing, I am very good with algebra, but not good at all with trigonometry. That subject was always the most difficult one for me, same goes with geometry. I've a hard time grasping strange characters and symbols, no idea if it's because of my neurological issue or what. Languages have always been easier for me I was a bit afraid of math before because of that evil teacher who humiliated me in front of the entire class. Thankfully another teacher I met much later made me lose my fear to math, and I started to like algebra Until then I thought I was so bad at math, but it was just fear! So who knows, maybe those who are good at languages are good at math too, but they don't know it yet After all most people think of math as a difficult subject.
  18. Hi there, Carter! Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here. I'm not studying french at the moment (but I might in the future), but there are a lot people on here who are currently studying it, and I am sure they'll be more than happy to help you
  19. Right now if I could choose (not counting my native language) I'd pick those 5: 1 - Dutch (because I will be moving there soon and I need to find a job there as soon as possible). 2- German ( work reasons). 3 - Russian (I like the Russian culture and like the way the language sounds. 4 - Hebrew. 5 - French (work reasons).
  20. Trellum


    Well, I can't really understand everything I hear in Latin, but when it comes to reading I understand almost everything The pronunciation not so much, but then again I've never been good with other accents and understanding everything I hear. I think most Spanish, Portuguese (European), french and Italian speakers can understand some Latin, but some languages seem to be more closer to Latin than others. In my opinion Italian seems to be the closest one.
  21. You can use Spanishpod101, they offer one week free and you can download as many mp3s as you want from there during the trial period. So why not take a look at that site? In my opinion their approach is amazing. I tried the Dutch one and wow! I will definitely get the subscription once i move to the Netherlands
  22. I tried the number 2 It sounds like I got to read even more books, because I only scored 16,600 words Thanks for sharing, I liked that test the most, it sounds like a really feasible test, specially if compared to others I have tried. I hope I can get out of this laziness rut soon, so I can start learning more words in English and learn more dutch >_<
  23. You created this game, Marcel? It looks so cute! I didn't know you were into game developing That sheep is so cute! I love this kind of games and I am always looking for new games to install on the mobile, because nowadays I spend a lot time waiting out side doc's offices. It's good to have something like this to pass the time Thanks for sharing and I will definitely try it!
  24. Awww, that is so cute! When people asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up I never knew what to say, lol. Even now I'm not so sure i picked the right path. But my love for languages started very early as well. Languages changed my life!
  25. Oh my! I'm still a beginner Where can I find this game? It sounds like a great way to keep myself motivated. Sadly I seem to be forgetting dutch so quick I need to start practicing it so soon... or else I might end up forgetting it all. Gosh, it's that damn word order what confuses me the most... makes no freaking sense, specially when I momentarily forget something... Oh well, at least is not German... xD
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