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  1. That kind of things annoy me so much, I take my time to write full words... why can't they take the time to do the same??? You should see what kind of things are happening to my mother language, young people are chaging it a lot! I've heard rumors over here, people no longer using the ''h'', because the ''h'' in spanish is a mute one. So a lot people (even the ones writing for Yahoo! Mexico) are doing it, not all of them, but some. Some people defend this by saying that a language must ''evolve'' in order to survive. RIGHT!
  2. It's nice you still find time for this amazing hobby, if you do it right... it can really enrich your life. Take me as an example, if I had never learnt english, I'd not have been able to take the amazing chances as they came . I mean, maybe they'd have presented themselves (I doubt it), but I'd not have been able to take said chances if I had never learnt english. So you never know what kind of doors that new language you are learning could open to you in the future
  3. OMG Rosson!! I also wanted to learn Swedish when I was younger! I actually wanted to learn swedish, norwegian and finnish! I was so in love with the nordic mythology back then, I still like it a lot and love reading about vikings and things like that, but my priorities have changed I no longer have time for this kind of things anymore, you're so lucky you still find time to learn a new language.
  4. I never thought of learning a new language for fun, you'd need to have a set of really special friends for that to be considered to be really fun I actually met a 19 years old guy a while ago, he could speak 4 languages already! I was just 18 back then, so I felt quite jealous! I decided I'd try to learn a new language as well, but I lacked the motivation and stopped
  5. Listening music in a different language never helped me to learn said language, actually a lot people in my country like to listen to music in enlgish, but that doesn't seem to help them at all I guess this isn't for everyone, each person is different and can learn a new language using certain methods. For example, there are people who can learn a new language by taking a course, but there are people out there that can learn a new language on their own. So it really depends on the person, but if you ask me... no, not even a bit!
  6. For me the hardest part was to learn new vocabulary and learn how to pronunce those new words right. Sometimes memorizing new words and their meaning is hard, specially if you're obsessed with perfect spelling. I learnt english when I was just 16, but I still have a lot to work on... one of the things I've to work on is the spelling. Lately I notice that I'm checking my spelling even more; I have a lot doubts lately I think learning a language is a life-long process; I've been learning english since I was a teen, but I'm still learning something new almost every day.
  7. I think it really depends on the language we are talking about, for example, I think I'd have such a hard time reading russian or chinese! Even more than speaking it. Oddly enough, I've never had a hard time reading hebrew Mostly because all the religious hebrew texts use the nikkud, but I often feel like a parrot reading those... i just read the words, but I can't understand a word of what I'm reading. The only language that I've managed to speak fluently is English, and I had the hardest time with the pronunciation. I never had any kind of trouble reading it, but when I was just starting to learn it... my spelling wasn't the best.
  8. Learning a new language used to be a hobby for me, at least that's how I liked to see it I was planning to learn a lot languages when I was a teen, but in the end I fell really short Nowadays I'm a more realistic person, and I no longer see language learning as a hobby anymore, maybe because I no longer have as much time as I used to. Right now I'm trying to learn Dutch because I might be moving to the Netherlands in the future, and I will really need it, specially if I want to speed things up (finding job, socializing, etc.). Learning a new language is one of the nicest hobbies a young/adult person can come across But I think most adult people nowadays are learning a language out of necessity rather than just learning it because that's their hobby. So, what about you? Are you learning a new language because you really need to (for whatever reason) or you're learning it because you just like to learn new languages?
  9. English, I learnt it on my own and it was quite easy! It took me around six months to grasp most of the language's structure (verb conjugation, order, word order, etc). I started with the pronunciation part much later, I left it for the end, because I was extremely shy. Thankfully I got a job as an au pair in Norway, so I got to speak a lot english over there (I didn't know a word of norwegian). I got to learn some norwegian over there, but not much I met my first boyfriend over there, he was kurdish and spoke english, kurdish and norwegian. So we had to speak in english That helped me a lot, because that's when I started to feel truly confident That work experience helped me a lot
  10. Sometimes I feel like my english is getting rusty, and I use it everyday Something must be really wrong with me, or maybe the stress I'm facing lately is really affecting me :confused: I often think that knowing a lot languages must be a really nice thing, something like a really good investment, but I think in the practice... the story is totally different I think the average polyglot has trouble keeping up with the languages he/she has learnt, unless this person has a really exceptional memory. I guess the best way to keep what you got is to keep on practicing the language as much as you can. Maybe writing in that language everyday, by staying in touch with other advanced students tru mail or skype Watching movies in that foreigner language can also be super helpful!
  11. It really depends on your mother language (it's easier to learn a romance language when your mother language is a romance language), so if your mother language isn't a romance one...it might take you a bit longer to learn spanish. If you're trying to get to speak the language as fast as possible, then I'd recommend the Pimsleur course, this course has helped me a lot with my dutch If you want to focus on the grammar, spelling and general language structure, then you can try taking a spanish course with other students. It'd really help you to be able to immerse yourself in the language and practice it with other students. You'd learn spanish faster that way, I think.
  12. That was really funny... it'd explain a lot things! I have a british friend who is sometimes to polite, but sometimes he also says the most random and odd stuff all of a sudden. So I'm not sure if that table applies to him or not. I used to think brits said it the way it is, but it's kinda odd this article points to a totally different direction I guess it depends a lot on the person you're dealing with; not everyone is the same. Each person has her/his own personality.
  13. I asked my mom a while ago. According to her my first word was: ''Sal Hada''. That was the name of a salt brand that was very popular over here, lol. I don't think they longer make it. Strangely enough my parents say that I didn't start talking or walking until I was 3 years old! I've always had language problems, I guess. A teacher told my mom when I was just 10 that I could be suffering from dyslexia, but what do they know, lol? I do have some symptoms... I've always had troubles spelling and writing some words. Sometimes reading is a bit hard
  14. The situation you described is the same one for me Me and my boyfriend aren't engaged, but we have talked about children a lot and a life together. If we do get married, we will be living in the Netherlands, so my children will have to learn dutch, but I'd also like to teach them some english and spanish. I'll start teaching them both languages very early on I'm sure that by when they're teenagers, they'll be speaking english and spanish fluently.
  15. Uhm, I have been told that I don't even have the accent I should have in my own native language. You see, I'm a native spanish speaker from the north of mexico, but for some reason I don't have the same accent my peers do. I've lived a long time in Europe, but I was raised in this part of Mexico. So it's really odd I don't have that accent... my spanish sounds like a really neutral one (the way it should be) no accents no anything
  16. I think exchanging mails with another person is a great way to practice a language, I don't think snail mail is practical at all tho. Because I've never liked the idea of exchanging my home address with a total stranger, but we're lucky enough to have e-mail now Doing this by e-mail is way more convenient, but it can also be really hard to mantain. You need to be pretty clear with the person since the start, and find an arrangment that benefit both of you. I'd recommend connecting with other persons who are interested in learning/practicing the same language you are trying to learn. That way you can keep this going even longer
  17. I just love the way british accent sounds, a friend of mine is british and everything he says sound so.... ahhh!!! Nice! I think it's also because he has such a deep and sensual voice. I think you must have a voice like that to really rock the british accent By british accent I meant the kind of accent you hear in London!
  18. That's a really beautiful name I've always liked that name ''Meaghan''. By the way, did you know that Margarita in spanish is also the name of a flower? Here is a picture:
  19. I haven't tried Rosetta Stone courses, but I've heard they're incredibly expensive! I have no trouble on my own, but I'd not risk it too much by buying a really expensive course I'm not even sure that could help me. Have you tried learning spanish by just immersing yourself more in the language? I know it might sound crazy, but I think you would you great if you tried the Pimsleur method, specially if you're looking for a course that allows you to start speaking spanish soon. I love the Pimsleur method mostly because it doesn't bore you to death with a bunch of grammatical rules and exercises... you just get to hear and repeat words and phrases. This method isn't for everyone, but it has proved to be very helpful for me. I'm the type of person who learns better by just listening and repeating and then applying what I've just learnt. Try to make of this language learning adventure a game!
  20. There are some really nice books that were written in spanish and are considered true classics, here is a shot list of my favorite ones: - Cien años de soledad by Gabriel García Márquez - El amor en los tiempos del colera by Gabriel García Márquez - El esclavo by Francisco J. Angel Real (very inspiring) - La muerte de Artemio Cruz by Carlos Fuentes
  21. That's amazing! So you can speak and write it fluently? I had such a huge trouble learning to ''speak'' english, but writing it wasn't so hard. It's kinda funny some people who start learning a language on their own first start with the written form, and the start to worry about the pronunciation I think is truly remarkable you taught yourself spanish
  22. I know what you mean, I had a lot english textbooks as well, but I've ADD so I couldn't really concentrate long enough on that. I could never learn that way, I've always like to have a more active role when it comes to learning a new language. So far english has been my only success. I can read hebrew, but that's it, lol. Have you tried to find pen pals to write e-mails to? The pimsleur program can make wonders... if you are looking for a course that can help you to start speaking the language asap, then Pimsleur is the way to go. It doesn't come with tedious grammar rules and exercises... I think the pimsleur program is the closest a student like us can get to a ''language immersion''. You should try it.
  23. Some of my relatives are living in USA and Europe, some of them speak spanish, and the ones who live in USA find it really useful. I think it really helps them to stay connected with their roots! As for my relatives in Europe... not really, since the only place in Europe where they speak spanish is spain and they're not living there. There are some spanish speakers where they live, but most people avoid speaking it in public.
  24. Hello guys! What are some of your favorite words in spanish? There are some words that I've always liked, for example the word ''crisálida''. Another words I really like (the way they sound mostly) are: - Quéretaro - Meridiano - Aurora - Muchedumbre - Mediodia - Elixir - Extasis Feel free to share your favorite ones
  25. Hey guys! I'm a native spanish speaker, and I strongly believe that spanish is a really beautiful language, specially if it's written and spoken the way is supposed to be. One of the things I like the most about my mother language is how complete and diverse the spanish vocabulary is! Sadly most native spanish speakers use very few words to communicate everyday I'm guilty of that as well, I guess Another thing I like is the diversity of accents that can be found throughout the american continent. I personally like the accent of my own country, I think it's one of the most neutral spanish accents out there (specially the accent used in the place where I was born). I'm from Mexico, so the accent varies from state to state. I also like the spaniard accent What about you? What do you like the most about the spanish language?
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