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  1. I totally got the question wrong last time, I though the way we talk mean (vulgar, ghetto etc.) I didn't know it was about accent :shy: It does matter to me, I only started speaking English and French with people one I got the accent right. I don't like people critizing me or my accent :bored:
  2. Class up her image? Did you see her new music video? Half naked "twerking" and calling her fans dollar signs. On topic: the word "gansta" has many meanings today and some of them are positive and that's what she probably meant.
  3. Never heard of "a hour", will of course I do but I consider it a mistake because as far as I know, at sschool they taught us "an hour"...
  4. Since I'm not a native English speaker, I'm only gonna talk about non-natives. The most mispronounced English word I hear is "beautiful" believe it or not, they pronounce it "buryful" or 'bautiful'...
  5. I think in English even though I'm Arab, I just find it better and make my thought more intresting and dramatic
  6. One is not enough... Umm, you might want to try the way I leaned French, by playing an online video game in a French server. You see people speaking French, you learn from them, you try to blend in etc... So, if you're into video games, you should try it
  7. In case you don't know, the second language in Morocco is French, we start learning it in the 3rd grade. i didn't learn French at school though, I learned it while playing an online video game and talking to other player. I wasn't really intrested in French, they say it's the language of love, but nah :bored:.
  8. Hello, Sorry, I just notice that all new members introduce themselves even though it's not an obligation, so I thouhgt I sould stop by too and say hello. My name is Rachid, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Morocco. I speak Arabic, Berbere, French, English and some Spanish. I'm here to help people learn Arabic, expand my English vocabulary and learn more Spanish.
  9. As far as I know, both languages have a lot of smiliar words which makes it easier for both of them to understand and learn each others languages. The same thing happened to me, I learned French thanks to my experience in English even though they're not that similar.
  10. I rarely use it, but not when I'm "laughing out loud", the opposite :shy: I feel bad using "hahaha" when something is not funny, so "LOL" makes me feel less guilty :speechless:.
  11. My way of talking is not inappropriate, not because of people but out of respect to myself then the others especially my family. When I'm angry I say bad words in English and when I'm alone :shy:.
  12. My first word was "papa", my family moved to spain when I was born, they weren't speaking Spanish at home but they used the word "mama" and "papa" and that's where I probably heard it.
  13. The English word I use the most is... Umm... It's... The word is "sh*t" I can spend a day without using that word, but somehow I only use it when I'm alone. It sounds crazy but, yeah, I talk to myself a lot :shy:
  14. Sounds really intresting and I would like to try it, but unfortunately all my old family members are illiterate, my cousins and brothers don't speak English, so I guess I can't play this game I'd be glad if we manage to find a way to play it on the forum.
  15. I don't speak Italian, but I understand most of it thanks to Spanish, but French? I don't think so, there's more commonality between French and English than French and Italian, I actually learned French thanks to my experience in English.
  16. Yeah, I guess you're right, but add links to formal Arabic just in case, I'd personally recommend it. I just wanna make it easier for people to learn this language and explore our beautiful world by reading our books which are usually in formal Arabic.
  17. Walaikum Salam Meera (my name sounds so inappropriate ) I'm surprised by your experience with Arabic. Trust me, you know too much for 4 years and you should be proud, there are people that have been living in the middle east for years and still don't know Arabic as much as you do with 4 years at a university
  18. No specific reason... For me, it just happens, but then I like how it turns out, I mean you live the experience of other countries cultures and people better when you speak their own language. It also helps you communicate with them and lern new things.
  19. I'm learning Spanish without even knowing, the same thing happenned with French and English. I hear my sister and her children talking and somehow I understand almost everything they say but not the exact words so I usually ask what doesthis or that mean and end up learning.
  20. YOLO is not used anymore, thank god... I'm just kidding, I'm not a native English speaker,I do hear words on old era movies/Tv series but I don't memorize them :shy: I only remember the word "fullsome" which has an obvious meaning but not used anymore.
  21. For me, the most beautiful word is "lullaby: a quiet song to lull a child to sleep", everything about it is beautiful not just the word
  22. My pick was "waffle" and your trick made it even funnier. Honestly, it's not just the word, I like waffles as a food too. You should hear kids try to pronounce it, cuteness overload :grin:
  23. I'm not sure this is a good idea, if people are going to learn Arabic, they better go for the official Arabic language which is spoken in the whole Arab word. These different accents and sub-languages (is this a word?) will only make it hard and confusing for them... Great links though
  24. Aouch, you made us look useless with all these links I'm just kidding, I'm sure someone will need something no matter what, and I'll be glad to help. Great links by the way, good job.
  25. When I saw this thread I thought someone is asking for a normal game section to talk about videos games in different languages or something. This is a great and an interesting idea. Umm, I have an idea but I'm not sure it'll work. Crossword puzzle, but I'm not sure how :confused: I was thinking uploading an image but nah :bored:
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