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  1. Yes you're right, they're Khaleeji and what they meant was "let's sit down". You seem to know a lot about Arabic since you know about the numbers and the letters. Meera, you're right too, I'm from the Maghreb region (Morocco) and we do use g in most cities but our accent is totally different, you might wanna consider it a language. By the way I just noticed that you speak Arabic, I'm glad to have you here, both of you
  2. That fast? That's so nice of you, thanks I hope I won't disappoint you since I'm the only Arab around here I think. I'll try my best to help, I just hope there are people intrested in this language.
  3. I looked for the Arabic section thinking that maybe I could help out since I'm Arab, but I didn't find one. Why isn't there an Arabic section? no one is interested?
  4. Well, that's the weirdest way of describing friendship I've ever hear, but it's totally true. Mine are: "What dosn't kill you, makes you stronger" "Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power" Lao Tzu.
  5. I'm new here, but I didn't come for English, I just thought I should check out this section for the start, I'm more intrested in Spanish and Japanse, watching anime wasn't of a big help for me :shy:
  6. I've never heard that word before, but if I did, I would've thought about it myself as I usually do with every new word I hear before searching it on the internet, and I would've came out with the same conclusion, it just doesn't make sense. I must be awkward hearing it from an anchor, I'm curious to know the whole sentence.
  7. I may sound stupid, but my favorite English accent is standard American (I didn't know about the New York and California accents) I do like other accents as well, but I prefer this one because I feel comfortable with it and it doesn't make me feel different.
  8. I'm one of those if you heard about the term "grammar nazi" on the internet. I can't stand bad grammar, I'm trying to work on my grammar as much as I can even though I'm having some troubles with ponctuation because I didn't learn English at school. For me, grammar is very important.
  9. That's how I did it, but just watching is not enough, you need to listen carefully and try to understand to build your english vocabulary, subtiles help a lot because you get to know what every word means, then you don't only learn the word, you also learn its meaning.
  10. Like everyone else here, English was the easiest for me I didn't learn it at school thought because they didn't teach it, I just spent years watching tv, playing video games, reading books, surfing the internet in English. Also, because it's a popular and a very important language which moyivated me to learn it
  11. The hardest part about learning a new language is finding someone to practice and speak with. usually, people are afraid or embarassed to speak a new language knowing that they're not good at it, I've been there, so what I did was I started talking to myself in the mirror, reading books out loud or saying random stuff on my way to school everyday
  12. I started to learn my second language which is English at the age of 10 maybe, it wasn't on purpose, I just started watching so many movies and cartoons with arabic subtitles, my mind kept catching all the words until I built a whole vocabulary, then I started practicing it with myself in the mirror or while reading books out loud.
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