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  1. Sometimes it can be difficult to do so but having them spoken often will make it easier to recall.you should know how to associate it with something or better yet to talk to someone who speaks that language very often.
  2. Being a Filipino, I find our language very flexible whichever feelings you want to express. you can be sweet or mad just removing some words in your sentence. my kids should first learn this wonderful language before anything else. Filipino is also very expressive when it comes to respect and endearment. My kids would probably show more respect and love when using their native tongue.
  3. This is probably one of the best ways to learn a new language. You get to know how to pronounce the words as well as how people use it in sentences to convey what they mean. It will easily make you recall words and pronunciation from the movies you've watched.
  4. I guess I'd go with French or Japanese. They're both interesting and widely spoken. Not to mention I would like to visit places where these languages are spoken. Culture-wise too, they're both fascinating.
  5. It probably is. You get to have a lot of fun and develops your determination to perfect your speaking, writing and reading skills. Its more fun when you do it with your friends because you can use it without other people knowing what you guys are talking about.
  6. I would say its English. I don't know but it really felt good and it comes naturally. It was my favorite subject eversince I started learning about it. I sometimes express myself better in English than my native tongue.
  7. Seriously, you get a bunch of them. Some are really tough and some are using it as a facade to intimidate the students and breed fear that they're fierce. It was my religion professor but he doesn't show this persona for us to fear him but rather to respect him and for us to learn to discipline ourselves without being yelled at.
  8. Yes, you would learn faster this way. Personally, I love to sing along foreign songs and to be able to do that you have to know the lyrics and memorize them. I'm usually listening to the song and learn how this word is pronounced to make my singing perfect then I'll find the translation to know what the song's all about.
  9. Pronouncing the words correctly would be it. In some language any deviation from speaking a single word would mean something else thus, miscommunication may ensue. Correct pronunciation would give the confidence and comfort in using the new language you learn.
  10. Speaking probably, because you have to think fast or be spontaneous. Unlike writing or reading were you still have time to think or even check some reference like the internet to get the correct spelling or the most appropriate word. When you can' t think fast, you have to stop to compose some sentence which will actually live the conversation hanging for a moment.
  11. I know people are trying to make things go faster and conserve time but short cuts in text messaging, etc. are really annoying. Sometimes people just resort to it because they honestly don't know how to spell some words. But seriously, it will not help you learn if you don't know what is correct in the first place.
  12. When you are that sensitive about grammar, you can't help but notice the incorrect once it is committed by someone. You have the urge to point it out to them but some people might think its impolite. Correct grammar is really important for you to clearly state what you really mean through words.
  13. I guess overcoming the initial difficulty in trying to learn something new is a real challenge at the same time fun. But once you are good at it, the feeling of accomplishment is really nostalgic. You learn to respect the people who respect that language and it make you comfortable in expressing your thoughts properly.
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