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  1. I have two classmates that have zero knowledge of the English language and they actually believe they don't need English to succeed in the business world. One of them wants to study Law and she's going to have English-taught classes in English in University.... Doesn't it grind your gears when someone thinks English (or even all the other languages) English is not necessary? In this century, how can some take their prime language for granted, even if they don't play to leave their [non-English-spoken] country?
  2. I find the Italian language very romantic and melodic, feels like they always speak with their hearts open. Even when they're mad I can sense some romanticism in their voice.
  3. My grandfather could speak 9 languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. He learned some of them when he was a student and the remaining during World War 2 tho, amazing.
  4. Yes, French. I used to have a pretty open idea about learning French, always sounded very classy and respectful to hear. But when I got to the point of learning its grammar, I dropped it dead. It's horrifying and I can't get myself to pick it up again. I've given up French for good.
  5. I actually read faster in English than in my native language (Portuguese). I find English an easy language to learn and therefore to read/speak too; can't really read slow, no matter if fluent in it or not. It's a thing.
  6. This happens to me on a daily basis. I'm Portuguese and I speak Portuguese all day, but between all my daily dialogues I often forget how to say some of the most basic and ordinary words that I can only translate in English, and this happens to a lot of my friends as well. Sometimes I find myself thinking in plain English!
  7. I speak two languages fluently, which is English and Portuguese (main language). I can understand a bit of Spanish, French and German (which I'm currently studying and really excited to learn), but I hope I can fluently speak those too someday.
  8. I used to watch English speaking films with English subtitles as well, but now I find it more challenging for me watching them without subtitles at all, but it depends: if it is British English, not a chance! People that want to learn English faster than from studying in paper should get themselves an English spoken movie with subtitles in their prime language and start from there, don't you think? That's how I learned English for the most part.
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