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  1. In my country they teach British English. I personally think that American English is more appealing these days, but that's just my opinion. The difference isn't that huge though.
  2. For me, speaking. Reading is the easiest, since most languages I have tried to learn use similar words that English has.
  3. I'd like to learn German. I like the country, I think it is interesting and also the language sounds cool. Also I think it would be useful because I'd like to visit the country sometimes.
  4. Yes, I think they are effective. It's easy to learn when you can search around the internet for more information. But the course has to be good and made by someone who knows what he/she is talking about.
  5. I'm fast at reading. But sometimes I have to read again because English isn't my mother tongue so it can be hard for me to understand something. I think I should slow down, it would help me to improve my reading.
  6. I was around 8 or 9 when I started learning English. Over 10 years later I am still pretty bad at writing it and horrible at speaking it. I'm making progress slowly I guess..
  7. Mostly with subtitles. I understand everything they say with the subtitles, but watching without subtitles is very hard for me. I think the background sounds in the movies play big role in this, since the speaking isn't that clear always and it's hard for me to understand what they are trying to say.
  8. Pretty much any long word that has letters like R and C. Appreciated is a great example. It's mostly because Finnish spelling is very different and the difference between spelling some letters is very big.
  9. Yes. Here you have 9 years of basic education. At third class you start English, and it continues for the rest six years. After that where ever you go, there will be English. It seems that in my country they understand that English is a very important language. And it really is.
  10. Yes, sometimes. However I prefer smileys over "lol" as it doesn't look very smart.
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