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  1. I write things down too! Flashcards also work really well for me too especially the ones you can make online and then play match games and such with them.
  2. I think smart people know more languages more than knowing more than one language is a marker of intelligence. Smart people didn't wake up smart they studied and learned what studying techniques worked for them which made it easier for them to learn new languages. However, some people just know languages but nothing else.
  3. I'm a flashcard and note taking kind of girl. If I write and rewrite the same thing over again it eventually sticks. I use that for learning grammar rules and stuff like that but flashcards and repetition work best for vocabulary.
  4. Middle Eastern men with deep voices speaking in English, yum. It's to die for. However, I love country accents too.
  5. I live in the part of the US that doesn't have a recognizable accent save for the fact that people know where I'm not from. To my knowledge anyway so I don't think I have an accent. It's like an anti-accent.
  6. I barely have a grasp on Hiragana and I'm not looking forward to diving into Katakana, however, I know at the end of the day it's just spending the time to practice them. Flashcards work wonders!
  7. The first time I took Japanese it was because my best friend was really into the culture and the second time I took Japanese was to fulfill a college credit.
  8. My biggest hurdle has been memorizing how to properly use each particle. I constantly get stuck trying to remember which one to use when :cry:
  9. The faster you memorize the hiragana/kanji the easier your experience is going to be. Once you have that down it's literally easy peazy. I'm currently in a Japanese course and the thing that weighed me down was not knowing the symbols.
  10. I've only ever learned language in a classroom setting or on my own. The combination works really well for me but I think private lessons would only enhance my learning experience. Even if just using Skype tutoring would work too.
  11. Well I do now! I had no idea this website existed by it's certainly full of very useful things, especially as a writer. Thanks!
  12. Youtube videos with weird songs that teach you how to say things in whichever language you're learning are always fun. There are some seriously weird videos out there too lol
  13. I'm learning Japanese in a classroom structure so you could say that my professor is my mentor, however, there's no one on one interaction on a personal level. I would love to have a more one on one mentoring type situation though.
  14. Google translate has never been anything other than a load of trouble for me. It makes the simplest things even harder to understand! I've no doubt that it's no match for learning a language.
  15. For all of you out there learning romance, and other, languages, what is the sexiest thing you know how to say?
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