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  1. I rarely remember my dreams so its hard recalling what had happened. But usually I dream in English as I speak it normally but sometimes in my mother tongue too as thats what I use to communicate with my family members.
  2. I really lack in grammar in what ever languages I have learned and speak. It is not that I ignore all the grammar rules while speaking or writing but rather I do not give them much importance and you will see me making a mistake here and there.
  3. Living in a country where a different language is spoken and learning that language was necessary and a type of accomplishment I had achieved. I am a really slow learner when it comes to languages.
  4. Hey guys, SAT ( Scholastic Aptitude Test ) is a test compromising of English and Maths. Most universities in the world require it, especially it is used for applying to the US. It is out of a score of 2400. Currently I am preparing for it and I am getting a really bad score so I thought if someone else is also giving so we can share solutions and get tips.
  5. "Don't think outside the box...Think like there is no box." Just love this quote, summarizes almost everything in few abridged words.
  6. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome guys. Hope to see you soon around.
  7. The funniest word that sounds to me is oligopoly. Sounds like your mouth is stuffed two balls on each side :sick: and you are trying to say something. It refers to a market with few sellers in control of most of the market.
  8. This learning depends on how strong your language skills are. For most beginners like me this seems to be a slow and ineffective method to learn Arabic. I tried doing it with Arabic cartoons but failed unfortunately.
  9. Hey guys, How are you? Hope you all are learning good. Just found out this forum. Seems good. Looking forward to a great learning experience here with you guys. Martee
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