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  1. I am trying to use the accent correctly as often as I can and it's only a sign of respect for the language, not an insult. I am really trying hard to use it well and not sound stupid. If I would speak English with an Romanian accent I'm not sure how many people would understand me.
  2. I think that those who know (well) at least a second language have some more developed brain faculties. I don't think it's only about the talent, because learning a new language is hard work and not everybody can do it. I know people who lived in my country for 10 years and still don't speak the language.
  3. I also have an accent in my native language but that I can hide very well when I want to. That doesn't happen a lot because I am proud of it and of the region I'm coming from.
  4. I think that some games are very helpful in expanding the vocabulary. I have learned a lot of new words from the hidden objects games and I still do, so yes, definitely very helpful.
  5. This is so cool, I didn't notice the doubles either. I have found 3 of them, I'll come back for the fourth because I have to get to work now. I have something to talk about in my break now )
  6. I have a problem with that word too and with the people who use it. I think they want to sound smart and refined but the only make themselves look ridiculous. I stick to regardless.
  7. In my country, subtitles are never accurate. I have a hobby: watching a movie and see how many words and expressions are translated wrong. What I hate the most is movie titles that sound great in English but awful in Romanian and they actually have nothing to do with the original title.
  8. One of my work mates tried to find an equivalent for a foreign expression on google translate. She needed it in a discussion with one of our clients. Translate got it so wrong that we lost the client. I rest my case.
  9. Years ago when telenovelas first appeared in my country I did watch them, because there were only 2 of them I did learn some words and because of them I can understand Spanish. I don't speak it though... but yes, they were helpful.
  10. Yes, I do. For people who wanted to think out of the box and to know more, to learn more and to constantly improve themselves I have nothing but respect and appreciation. The brain is the most attractive organ to me
  11. I'll be there in an hour. Sounds way better than 'I'll be there in a hour'. The first is the correct one, I believe.
  12. I believe I do, given the fact that I'm coming from Eastern Europe but I hope it's something I'll get rid of in time, unless people will find it cute
  13. I love the Irish accent. I find it very sexy Sometimes it's difficult to understand but I still like it.
  14. Try to figure out what you forgot Search in your brain for the grammar rules you don't remember very well and then look them up. Start with something simple, they will keep coming. Something like the meaning of a word or the conjugation of a difficult verb.
  15. Kindergarten. There were 2 optional classes and I chose both, English and French. I still remember some of the songs I've learned back then and that little rhyme that was helping us learn how to count: one-two buckle my shoe, 3-4 knock on the door, 5-6 pick up sticks, 7-8 lay them straight, 9-10 a big fat hen )) I hope I got it right.
  16. I'll have to say French. It's such a soft language, I'm not even capable of swearing in French and if someone would offend me, I wouldn't be able to take them seriously ) The language itself is music.
  17. I think it's helpful for a beginner. Some phrases aren't even grammatically correct but you'll have the time to figure that out later, you should start with the pronunciation. I learned a little bit of Spanish and Italian through music. English? From Cartoon Network!!!
  18. Preposterous! It sounds very funny to me and I love using it. Ever since I've heard Orson using it in Desperate Housewives I fell in love with that word ) Sometimes I turn the discussion just to be able to use it )
  19. NO! I think it's cr*p. I am sorry but google translate never helped me or other persons I've seen using it. It's not accurate and it's not an actual dictionary. For the little things, yes, ok, people can use it, like to find out how to say 'i love you' in a foreign language. I am not sure they got them all right though...
  20. Sometimes I do, but not all the time. I use ) a lot, but 'lol' not so much. It doesn't bother me when others use it and I have some words that I use very often like 'right...' or 'ok'. I use 'ok' a lot, I should cut down
  21. I'm Romanian and we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, it's called Ziua Recunostintei in my native language and we would say 'O zi a recunostintei fericita'! This a very interesting topic and I think we should extend it to other terms too
  22. In Romania we adopted foreign terms for which we already had an equivalent so that's definitely what we'll do with new words from other languages. I haven't even heard about 'selfie' until now and I looked it up. Now I know what it means and I'm sure more and more people in my country will use it as it is. It's short and easy to pronounce, I can't find a reason to replace it.
  23. Everyday! At work for 8 hours and then home on the socializing networks. Also I find some things sound better in English than they do in my native language. I write more in English than I do in Romanian because I work for a British company. This is actually very good for me
  24. I have this problem too, with French. I've studied it for 12 years but now I find it difficult to speak French because I use English a lot (at home, at work). When I wanna say something in French and I don't find the term I immediately think of the term in English. I got rid of the rust before by starting reading books in French and watching some French movies. I will also try to read out loud some passages so my speaking improves. I hope this will work for you too.
  25. I would love learning or learning about a new language as I don't have the time to take classes right now and I think this is a good place to start. I am fluent in English and French, I understand Spanish and Italian and that's about it. I think that knowing at least 2 foreign languages says a lot about an individual and I would like to extend my horizons. My native language is Romanian
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