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  1. I use LOL online but even then only in informal places like chat rooms and some forums. I certainly don't write it in any emails or letters to my friends. After all, the exclamation mark can convey something that is meant to be humorous.
  2. My favorite books were all the works of Shakespeare. I started with "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and went on to read all his books. Other than Shakespeare I have also a favorite author in Somerset Maugham who has some wonderful books like "Of Human Bondage", "The Letter" and "The Razor's Edge".
  3. Everyone makes mistakes but we make an issue out of it if someone like a news anchor makes a mistake. The reason might be that news anchors are supposed to be perfect and read the news out of a script. Presuming that the script has been checked and edited properly isn't the news anchor supposed to read it correctly?
  4. However can be used in place of the word "but". On the other hand "however" can also be used in mid-sentence like so: No matter however many sacrifices he might make, he might not succeed.
  5. It depends how easy the script of a foreign language is. Some languages like Chinese have a totally unique script that some people find difficult to learn. At the same time many European languages have the same script and it is easy to write in them.
  6. In my opinion anyone who talks a lot and is a good speaker can learn a language fast. It doesn't have to do with being a man or woman. But there are many women who are fast learners!
  7. There is no better way to learn a new language than live in a foreign country and learn the native tongue used there. But many people cannot afford to do so and for them classes are better. I have had the opportunity of staying in a foreign country and learning the language so I know that it is the best.
  8. I have been an enthusiast when it comes to learning languages. I picked up several languages when I was a kid and I found that I became very popular due to my ability to speak to people who speak other languages. So I guess the most important reason for learning a new language is popularity.
  9. The word "smart" can be used where you are using it on a person. On the other hand if you are referring to a wider context then you may use the word "elegant" e.g. elegant hotels, elegant themes etc.
  10. Well, it depends upon whom I am speaking to. If I am speaking to a child or a person who is new to speaking English, I will use only simple words. If, on the other hand, I am speaking to a native English speaker, I will use words that may be complex to other so that I can express myself better.
  11. Yes, in fact I find that when I learn a foreign language I sometimes feel as though I might be able to express myself better by using two languages. This is because a person's vocabulary expands when he or she starts learning a new language.
  12. A language for which the script is different and does not follow a script that you are familiar with, is going to be the hardest to learn. On the other hand, if that language can be written in your native script, such as in English, it becomes easier to grasp.
  13. Most fast talkers do not realize that they are going so fast; because they may be speaking in their native language. If you listen to a foreign language you might sometimes feel that the speaker is going too fast.
  14. I am a very fast learner and read out loud to practise. If I really want to learn a language the rest comes easily. It is as though, "if there's a will there's a (fast)way"!
  15. I had started using Google Translate some time ago but found a lot of mistakes in the translation. Then I switched over to Bing Translator and found to my pleasant surprise that it had fewer mistakes. Since then I have stuck with Bing Translator.
  16. With so much business being done with China, I would love to learn Chinese. However I do get intimidated by the unique script that the language uses. I am not sure whether learning the language without the script is possible or not.
  17. One of my favourite quotes has been "Attitude, not Aptitude, determines Altitude" by Zig Ziglar. I have lived most of my life abiding by this quote and it has done a lot of good. There are some pretty useful quotes above that I can use and some to ponder over.
  18. I do have an accent. I grew up in Australia and you can tell the way I speak. It's difficult getting rid of your accent later on in life.
  19. I started learning alone at first but found it extremely monotonous and boring. Then I started going to classes and being in a group worked, it was so much better. I could speak with what I was learning and make mistakes and get corrected!
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