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  1. So yea, title. I've been interested in Russian for a long while but never got around to picking it up. Figured now would be a decent time, so for someone that is 100% new, doesn't know a single thing about the knowledge, what would be some places you would direct said individual towards?
  2. Je vis dans Canada et j'ai pris Francais pour dix ans, mais je oublie beaucoup de le langue, maintenant je peut seulement parle et lire francais, mon ecriture c'est mauvais ^^'
  3. Because why take time to learn things? As long as you can function properly I say your okay, sure you can learn things and farther develop yourself, or maybe you just want to stay at the bare bones essential and put your time towards other efforts. Maybe your lazy, you can function you have the bare bones why bother expanding on them, when they most likely won't impact your lifestyle drastically. At least that's my view point on it, you have the essentials, if you want to expand then good for you, if you don't, then good for you as well. Some people just put value in other things. Now on
  4. My family is Korean, but I lived in Canada since I was an infant, so while I can understand Korean pretty fluently, I forgot most of the teaching from when I was a baby. I just thought it would be a shame to not know the language I was born with, so I figured to relearn it, I would regret it, if I died not even knowing my own language.
  5. Depends on the content I'm reading, I just read at whatever speed my mood is in, how interesting and how though provoking the content is. But for the most part I'm a fast reader.
  6. I'm a fan of the culture, both mostly because I wanted to be able to read manga/light novels/visual novels, and watch anime without having to wait for a translation. Theirs tons of Visual Novels that are really interesting I would love to read, but can't because either it's still in the works of being translated, or no translation team is looking to pick it up.
  7. I prefer learning on my own, I find it a bit uncomfortable to work or learn with other people. That and the main reason I enjoy learning new languages is to slowly piece things together on my own, I feel like a tutor would kill that small enjoyment of mine.
  8. I personally find it hardest to write, even in English where I know the language. Sometimes I find it impossibly hard to just find the right words, to find the right flow so it's not just a bumbling mess of words, to write properly I think it's really difficult. Grammar and proper sentence structure are also both important with writing, which are things I always found incredibly difficult to learn. I find reading to be pretty simple for me, and speaking/listening are in the middle.
  9. Hello. I'm a Korean that actually doesn't know Korean that well, so that's something I've been working on. I'm learning Japanese, and interested with Russian. I find Japanese to be a really pretty language with it's complexity, and Russian just seems to be a language I'm drawn towards. I took French since a young age, so I can confidently say I'm kinda not really semi-fluent in it. I'll be in your care so please treat me well.
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