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  1. This is a great idea! I think it will be very helpful for practicing languages I want to learn as well as offering my assistance in my native tongue! I'll be sure to try it out as soon as I can.
  2. I haven't ever dreamed in any language except my native one. I am semi-fluent in German but I have never dreamed in that language. I feel dreaming in a foreign language would be helpful, almost like extra practice. I hop I one day will dream in a different language!
  3. I prefer Duolingo as well. I use it for Spanish and French and I feel like it goes over the grammar and vocabulary enough that I have a good grasp on it by the time I get tested. I like the testing format as well and I think it is helpful and constructive.
  4. How I feel before an exam depends on if I studied or not. If I study then I will be 100% confident and happy going into the test. I'll pump myself up and get really into the test; I will often find myself smiling throughout it. If I don't study, which is not often, I will be really scared and nervous and feel sick through the whole exam.
  5. I think all of the Romance languages sound beautiful but my favorite is French. It has a charm and a sound that just catches my attention and makes me think of sunsets and travel. I just love how it sounds and I want to learn to speak it one day, although I don't have much use for it. I also like French accents, though I prefer Spanish ones.
  6. I think grammar is important to having complete understanding of a language. However, I don't think it's extremely important if you only need the language for a trip/ vacation. Grammar is vital for in depth conversations, writing, and jobs. Also, if you plan to move to a country you should definitely try to perfect the grammar.
  7. Th most difficult for me is speaking. When I am writing or reading I have time to think about the words and process them to make sure I definitely understand them. When I'm speaking I have to just know vocabulary and the grammar so I can talk in a conversation without awkward pauses and randomly interjected English.
  8. I like to use Google translate for individual words. However, once you get to long sentences it often messes up the grammar and format, sometimes leaving you with a sentence that means the opposite of what you intended. I use it occasionally but I try to avoid it if I can, instead relying on grammar books and prior knowledge.
  9. I absolutely do not think that German sounds aggressive. It can sound a bit guttural at times, and might sound more or less harsh depending on the dialect. However, I think many people exaggerate how loud and aggressive German sounds. Of course it will sound awful if you yell it, but normal German conversations sound totally fine.
  10. I can speak German close to completely fluently because I was exposed to it as a child. However, since my childhood I haven't heard much German so my vocabulary is still at a pretty low level. My vocabulary is probably at an elementary school level. I was wondering what resources I could use to learn some more advanced words?
  11. This seems like a really good idea! I've been wanting to stay more informed about the news anyhow, so why not practice my German while I'm at it? Do you have a preference of which news site you like to use? I think this will also help me expand my vocabulary. Thank you for this idea.
  12. I have many Spanish speaking relatives so I want to be able to converse with them. I find it sad that I am part Latino yet cannot even speak the language. I also want to be able to use my Spanish when I travel. I want to visit South America, the Caribbean, and Spain and I would love to be sufficient enough in Spanish that I don't need any help having everyday conversations. I can also use it to get better jobs.
  13. Once in a while I'll watch some Spanish TV. I think it definitely helps me learn. I pick out the words and phrases I know and learn some new things by context. I used to watch it with my dad who speaks fluent Spanish so I could ask him if anything was too confusing. Some of the shows are laughably terrible, but I thought that made for pretty entertaining education.
  14. I have a few questions about Spanish poetry. How well do English poems translate into Spanish? Which poems would you recommend for beginners in Spanish? I think Spanish is an incredibly beautiful language, so the literature must be beautiful as well. Who are your favorite Spanish poets? I really have no idea where to start with this so I would love any suggestions. Thank you!
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