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  1. I love Italian! When someone is speaking in Italian it sounds like they're singing because of the rhythm of their accent. That's why I think it's the most romantic language. I just love hearing this language spoken. Just imagine being in Italy and hearing all of the locals speaking to one another. It's just dreamy!
  2. Yes, this happens to me a lot. I'm bilingual and where I live it is normal to mix two languages in one sentence. When I get used to speaking a word in the other language all the time, I forget how to say it in the other language. It gets confusing too sometimes. I guess this would happen more often if you live in a different country that uses a different language than your native language. For example, I have friends who moved to generally English speaking countries. Now they talk to me in English more when before they would talk to me in our native tongue. When they come to visit, they seem
  3. Signing the alphabet is not so difficult to learn but doing it fast might be kind of a challenge. Learning sign language for words can be tricky too because some signs are so close to other words. I guess practice makes perfect. Just keep doing it and I'm sure you'll get a hang of it.
  4. I try but it's difficult. I always end up sounding Irish or Indian. It would be interesting, though, to catch a different accent and just play around with it. If there's one accent I'd want to learn, it would probably be Italian or Australian.
  5. English and Filipino are both useful where I live. I live in the Philippines and majority of the population are bilingual. Those from the provinces have additional dialects but most still speak in Filipino and understand English.
  6. I really want to learn to speak Italian. I tried learning some basic words and phrases before my trip to Italy but I really want to learn to be fluent in the language. I love how it sounds and I love the accent. It sounds so musical and expressive. I find the Italian even more romantic than French.
  7. I was raised in a household speaking three languages but I only caught on two of the three. I cannot recall which was my second language. It would be either English or Filipino. I guess I learned both languages simultaneously.
  8. I really wanted to learn Spanish ever since I was a child because I have Spanish blood. It was my dream to learn the language and visit the country. I finally achieved that dream in 2011 and I was lucky enough to visit other countries, Portugal and Italy, as well. I found it interesting that I sort of understood their language because it was close to Spanish. That experience made me want to learn more languages. Travelling truly made me realize the advantage of knowing more than just your first tongue.
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