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  1. I use Rosetta Stone, but they don't properly teach the grammar and usage of words. So I usually take it to the internet and look up the correct usage of everything. I also look for websites on how to write Hiragana and Katakana. I just try to get as much resources as possible so I know I'm learning correctly.
  2. My parents know multiple languages, and their native language isn't even the same as my own. I also had a lot of friends that knew multiple languages. I suppose I just felt upset that I only know one. I would think that the world is much more smaller due to knowing just one language. There's so much more to learn.
  3. Even if I'm not studying Japanese, I constantly forget words, haha. Though, if I watch anime for too long, I end up almost accidentally saying the Japanese word instead of the English word. At least I'm learning, I suppose.
  4. I'm really interested in studying Russian along with Japanese. I love the way it sounds and the writing. Hopefully I'll someday learn Japanese so I can continue onto Russian. Those would probably be the only languages I want to learn, honestly.
  5. "Don't let the cat out of the bag."- Don't reveal the secret you heard. "There's more than one way to skin a cat."- Honestly I can't wrap my head around this one, I believe it means there's more than one way to do something? I'm not sure what's up with the obsession with animals that we have. The second quote also disturbed me the first time I heard it. Expressions are very strange.
  6. I'm actually quite interested in learning ASL. I feel as though it'd be very useful and fun. I was actually learning some awhile ago, but I lost motivation. A website I would use constantly for ASL was Signing Savvy. I'd also Youtube videos and look for comments from people who knew ASL well, so I could understand a little about how sentence structures work in sign language.
  7. Thank you for the link! I've been practicing writing Hiragana for a little while. Just as j_evemstar said, I'm also thankful that it includes the stroke order. I couldn't find that on other Hiragana practice websites. I'll be saving this, much appreciation.
  8. I've watched anime just about all my life, so I've been hearing Japanese since I was very young. I've also always wanted to have at least one language I could speak other than English. So, I suppose it came natural to me to try to take on Japanese as a second language. I still constantly hear it all the time through anime. I also find the characters to look very cute and attractive. The pronunciation of the words comes easier to me, more so than other languages.
  9. I quit just about every time I get started. I always go back, though. I'm currently studying Japanese. I think one helpful aspect is that even when I'm not studying Japanese, I will be watching anime. So, it at least I'm still hearing and seeing Japanese even when I'm not studying it myself.
  10. Hello everyone, I've just recently signed up to this forum. I'm currently studying Japanese through Rosetta Stone. I'm a beginner and I've been having trouble staying with it. I really do want to learn a second language. I feel as though knowing a second language can really add a lot to life. So, hopefully someday I'll be able to have enough motivation to study more diligently.
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