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  1. I've never tried the visual dictonaries, looks like I need to! They seem to be pretty helpful I actually haven't bought a dictionary in a long time, I use google translate, which isn't always the best.
  2. I haven't tried yet, but I may attempt to learn Elvish. Not sure how difficult it is, I guess I'll find out! It just seems so beautiful in the movies spoken I think it would be cool to learn!
  3. I haven't tried it just because it's so expensive, so it's nice to read other's opinions, because I was thinking about possibly taking the plunge and getting it...doesn't sound like I should. I also recently discovered that there are several other apps and sites with the same service for cheaper and possibly better than Rosetta as well.
  4. I think there are parts of the app that are offered for free, but to really get anything out of it, you have to buy the full version. I also think there are other apps/sites that have the same services that Rosetta charges you for for free. Lots of other services that are cheaper but just as good!
  5. I actually do this all the time! It really helps you learn new words and express yourself. I find that even when I'm writing a story in my native language it really helps me get a grasp on new words and I feel more literate, haha.
  6. I would also say around $10-20 an hour would be fair, and like others said, it does depend on the tutor's experience, ability, and education.
  7. For me,it's the enjoyment of the language and knowing that it will be worth it! For motivation to continue working on learning a language, my success is the greatest motivator. To begin to recognize words and realize that I can understand some of what a native speaker is saying is awesome, and it encourages me to keep studying and work even harder!
  8. I don't think people from inside the US would be able to (they wouldnt know exactly what state or area I'm from, probably) but I think people from other countries would definitely be able to tell that I'm American, haha. I'm pretty good at telling other people's accents and identifying where they're from
  9. I don't feel like I'll ever be done either, even when I'm fluent in a language, I feel like there's still so much learning to be done, I'm always learning new things.
  10. Tablets/Smartphones can definitely be great learning tools, I have a few apps on my phone! I guess it depends what app you are using as to whether it's helpful or not, because some of the apps I've tried out for the iPhone are really bad. I have a Kindle for reading though and I love it, but I don't use it to help you learn languages as much as I just read on it in English instead.
  11. It's fun to read what words non-native speakers see as beautiful words in English! I'm not sure what mine would be, I'd have to think about that..Probably something very fancy
  12. Using the subtitles is really helpful! I've been doing that while learning Japanese, and it's nice to hear exactly how they pronounce everything. Sometimes I turn the subtitles off, and then after I've translated turn them back on to see how close I was.
  13. I know that there's a bit of a difference between American and UK, but I'm not sure about the rest..I imagine the reason it wasn't the same because different regions have different signs, along with the "accents", that they use.
  14. It seems interesting, I would definitely like to read it...normally I like to read the book before I watch the movie, because to me the books are always better, haha. I'll definitely give it a try!
  15. Thank you! This is such a useful forum for others to help us, I'm always in need of feedback! As someone else said, it's great that it's somewhat like a free tutoring service!
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