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  1. Absolutely. I am currently learning German and no matter how well I am conversing in the language, I never feel completely natural speaking it because it's not my native tongue. I think it may vary from person to person but I understand your perspective because it is one I share as well. It's one thing to learn a language taught in the classroom versus a language you knew once you began talking as a small child. My friend is fluent in German and visited the country about 10 years ago. Although he got around fine, he still felt a little unsure when speaking German to other citizens in the country. What you describe is completely normal.
  2. Overall, no I don't think German sounds aggressive. It comes down to the individual speaking the language. I have spoken to many Germans and some are soft spoken and polite while others are a bit more aggressive in tone. And it depends on the conversation we're having. If someone is passionate, well the words are bound to have a little more force behind them. It's no different than when you communicate with people from other countries. Everyone is different but I can understand how certain sounds or phrases in German can come across a little rough to the ears.
  3. I'm from America and at my high school the German Language was always offered as an elective. You had 3 choices for foreign language at my school: French, Spanish, and German. My friend took German and I took French. It's funny because now I am studying German as I have become more intrigue by the culture and the country in recent years. I think it should be offer even before you reach high school. At least by the time you enter high school you will know some parts of the language and take more advance courses on speaking German.
  4. Yes, this is very possible. It doesn't equate to them being completely ignorant of understanding the language. Some people adapt to certain methods to express an opinion in that language using a phrase comfortable for them. I don't take issue with it. I had a friend in Bangladesh who would do this. Whenever she said a phrase I didn't understand, we would break it down little by little until I got what she was saying. It was no big deal for me.
  5. I live America and although English is the primary language of the country, I have notice the Spanish language becoming more prominent. There are many places I visit where I see the English and Spanish translations. When I call for customer service to most stores, I am greeted with the option of picking English or Spanish. So, I think Spanish is a widely use language around the world as well as French. The French language is spoke in many countries around the world.
  6. I agree! I am currently studying German and I have the films What A Man, Jesus Liebt Mich (Jesus Loves Me), and Frau Ella (Mrs. Ella). I still use the close caption option for English. However, I follow the dialogue of the actors in the movie and match them to the English words. It helps me more when I get done studying for the day and I immediately put in one of those films and see if I can watch certain parts without relying on any type of translation.
  7. I absolutely love the English accent. My friend can do a perfect English accent and I can't do it. I think it's because I try too hard, which is my problem sometimes. I enjoy listening to the cockney and posh-like accents in the UK. It's interesting because it clearly shows the class difference in social status but nevertheless the accent is always alluring to me.
  8. Of course. I feel like that now as I am learning German. Sometimes I think I have a good understanding of the language. I may test myself by watching an interview by an entertainer in Germany. Lest say I decide to watch Florian David Fitz in an interview and I find myself clueless as to what he is saying most of the time. That frustrates me and sometimes I think I will never become fluent in German. However, I don't allow this feeling of failure get me down because I know with enough patience, concentration and practice that I will eventually become fluent in the language.
  9. I never knew of this situation before. I know my biracial friends were raised in a household where they spoke both languages. One culture didn't dominate over the other. Even if this is the case of one language being spoken, I think as an individual grow older that will change. Curiosity about the other language is bound to arise and some biracial people may decide to learn more about the language and culture that wasn't taught in their household as a child.
  10. Yes. My friend from high school is fluent in German. I remember in high school I chose French as my language to learn. Now I am completely obsess with German culture. I ordered the Pimsleur Quick and Simple German language learning course online a month ago. Since I watch a lot of German films and watch interviews of some of my favorite actors and singers in that country, I want to be able to understand what they are saying without relying on English subtitles all the time.
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