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  1. I like studying languages because I love watching foreign films. That might sound a bit weird but I enjoy being able to understand what they are saying!
  2. For me personally, I love scottish accents and also german speaking english accents. I think they're very unique. English accents are always quite beautiful as well.
  3. As far as learning goes, I enjoy learning German. It's interesting and the pronunciation is fun. However in school I always loathed learning french because I had a lot of trouble figuring out pronouns and such.
  4. I'd also say Cantonese, Spanish, French, and German as well.
  5. I always do when I speak french or cantonese. I grew up speaking Hakka and English, but I never speak cantonese because I feel like my accent is really off or else fear that I may say something wrong, even though people around me have been speaking it my whole entire life.
  6. I totally agree with you. Learning a second language from a young age always seems a lot easier than learning it at a later age.
  7. A private tutor is a lot more effective than in a class. They can go with you one by one on your own pace to learn the language, opposed to a class where the teacher is trying to speed through topics quickly and cannot stay at one area for too long. For example, language classes in high school were always fairly ineffective since the teacher would just push on with the curriculum if only one student had a problem, and that one student would fall behind. This would not happen with a private tutor.
  8. I wish, so much, that my high school would have offered German. We had a sister school in 'Germany' and students would always go on a school trip there and vice versa, every year. It would have made so much sense to offer German. I would have taken it in a heartbeat.
  9. I always loved 'The Scarlet Ibis' by James Hurst. All throughout high school we would use this as the short story to look into for symbols, personification, foreshadowing, and all. It is truly a fun piece to pick apart!
  10. I am just wondering if any of you were taught a second language in school, whether it be your first language and english or if english is your first language and you learned another one. Growing up in Canada it was mandatory to take french starting in grade four of elementary school. Then when I was in Junior high, we had the choice from italian, french, and spanish, but it was also mandatory to take a language. High school was up to the students. If it was mandatory/not mandatory for you to learn a second language, what are your thoughts on the system? Do you think it is beneficial to kid
  11. I definitely get the same thing, I am currently trying to learn German. The phrases and key words all stick to me when I am using the app, but the day after I'm clueless. However since I got a new phone and forgot my login, I've been having to redo the levels - it really helps drill it into your brain a bit more!
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