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  1. I tried to upload two pdf files but it failed. I don't remember the error message. I uploaded my first Hiragana trace sheet in jpg format. http://i57.tinypic.com/210wolf.jpg Do you like it?
  2. You hate tonos? Prior to 1981 we had a polytonic system (a writing system with many symbols like tonos).
  3. I started making my own trace sheets. I tried to upload them here but something went wrong.
  4. Well, movies are a good tool. I haven't learnt english through movies but I'm using movies in order to extend my knowledge. Two days ago I ordered two DVDs from amazon.it in order to have audio in italian.
  5. It's a ridiculous thing for a biracial kid not to be bilingual. It would be ridiculous to meet relatives from the other country and to to be able to speak to them. It's very very easy for a biracial kid to become bilingual. It only needs each parent to speak in his mother tongue. It should be done for the very first moment of it's life. Babies are young but not stupid.
  6. To learn a foreign language in 5 months? Personally i think of it as impossible unless the learner speaks a similar language (e.g. italian-spanish).
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