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  1. Certain accents I can get used to, but others annoy me a lot. Particularly the accent/s of people from the UK (no offence intended). Just can't stand those accents and it's nothing against the actual people themselves. Personally, being half Canadian born, I've got a bit of an accent but I've lost it in the years I've been overseas. I prefer the American English accent/s personally.
  2. My favorite song in a foreign language is "It's You" by Neon Bunny (Korean Indie/Electronic artist). In fact, I love all the songs she's produced. By far my favorite Indie artist too!
  3. Thanks a ton for sharing this! Even though I can already read, it's still very informative for new users. In fact, I've found Hangul to be the easiest alphabet (bar English of course) to learn, and this comic panel/strip actually proves that!
  4. I actually have. 3 years strong now. Seriously, the language barrier wasn't a problem (because she knew a bit of English which helps) and we're both teaching each other our own language bit by bit, which helps. I don't think the difference between languages hurts our relationship at all, which is a good thing.
  5. I can admit to making those mistakes occasionally. Though, my friends make the mistakes a lot, and I'm not sure if they're on purpose or not. Example being, from time to time my friend texts me asking what time I want to meet somewhere, and his reply is usually "see you than". It's so annoying. I can't really speak up though, because I do it sometimes too. I'm sure we all do!
  6. This is also the reason I'm motivated. I want to visit South Korea sometime and eventually live there too. Being able to speak the language of a country fluently is something of a necessity when visiting another country, and it's good to be able to speak more than one language anyway!
  7. I got Rosetta Stone for a discount through my local TAFE institute for learning Korean, and to be honest, I'm actually a little disappointed in it. It doesn't teach languages in the way it should (conversation and sentence structure) but rather in a way that teachs random vocabulary and words in a jumbled way. It's not the best nor clearest way to learn a langauge, that's for sure. I found it a waste of money personally, and thank god I didn't pay full price for it. There's much better stuff out there.
  8. If a school around here offered Korean language courses, I'd go for it. Unfortunately though, there's nothing. Even TAFE here doesn't have anything of the likes, and I'm not planning on going to university to learn it until I've got my pennies saved.
  9. I've wanted to learn the Korean language since as long as I know. Always wanting to move to South Korea eventually, I decided that learning the language wouldn't be a bad idea, and I don't regret the decision! Also, now I can watch my favorite Korean dramas to an extent without subtitles (and I'm getting better, I think!).
  10. Hey there! I'm new here (obviously ) and I'm learning Korean and also trying to touch up on my Japanese. I'm born Canadian/Japanese yet I can barely speak Japanese right up to know. Kinda depressing, right? Anyway, yeah. Hi everyone, and let's look forward to another great day/night! ~ Ceejay
  11. My favorite languages are Korean and Japanese. I love most Asian languages, and I wanna try and at least be fluent in Korean by the end of this year so I'm trying pretty hard. Least favorite would be French. No offence to anyone but I can't stand French and the way words are pronounced, and written. I find it so hard because most words are different depending on your/other person's gender. That's just me though.
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