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  1. I actually have a much harder time hearing and comprehending than I do reading and speaking. I think this is because natives of this language tend to speak really fast -- and with me not being as familiar with the language it does not allow me enough time to absorb everything that is being said.
  2. Thank you for sharing your site. I am always looking for easy to digest resources that can help me master spanish grammar and terminology as I am learning it. Thank you for this resource. I have it bookmarked and I am sure it will be of assistance to me.
  3. Most people in the course of their lifetime will successfully learn to imitate at least one or two other accents. Sometimes it happens subconsciously if we hear it enough -- sometimes it is intentional.
  4. Most definitely. Spanish is a language that has so many words that are similar to those in other languages especially Italian and Portuguese. It is very simple to see a word in one of these languages and mistake it for one in the language you are attempting to learn.
  5. As an English native speaker - I have heard that English is one of the hardest languages to learn for someone who is not born into it. I think it is because we have rules in our language that don't make sense, words that get added constantly and you have to consider the fact that our language has evolved so much over the years -- our language does not work like most others - so I can see how it would be hard for someone else to pick up.
  6. While script writing is indeed a lost art -- you also have to take into consideration that when things are written in cursive they are not always easily read. Everyone has a different way of writing and this causes issues. Regular print -- while it can be messy for some is almost always easier to read than cursive.
  7. The best tip I could give for learning a foreign language is -- take your time. You are going to run into snags in comprehension -- immerse yourself as much as you can but understand that everyone's learning speed and ability are different. Try not to get frustrated.
  8. I have this happen to me all the time. When I write a word I almost immediately know whether or not I have spelled it correctly based on a 'feeling'. I may not know the correct spelling but I can certainly tell you I have spelled it wrong.
  9. You are absolutely right -- how long it takes to learn a language is actually a varied answer. It really depends on how much time you have, how much effort you put into studying and your dedication to learning. Some people can learn the basics in a few months what some would need a few years to be able to learn.
  10. It really depends on the language I am reading. Obviously if I am reading in English I can read more than 100 pages in an hour and retain the information (depending on the complexity of the material.) In Spanish -- I can read maybe 10 to fifteen pages -- with resources and sometimes will need to review to make sure that I am getting all of the intended meaning.
  11. I am currently studying Spanish because there is a huge call for bilingual employees in today's job market. Not only will being bilingual earn you more money but will also make you more valuable to most employers.
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