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  1. It depends on your fluency level. I'd say going from beginner to advanced, this is how you should watch shows in foreign languages: 1. Subs in your own language 2. Subs in the target language 3. No subs
  2. Apparently Korean grammar is horrific and it's difficult to know when a word ends and a new one begins. But the writing system is suuuuper easy. I was surprised that it would be so easy for an Asian language.
  3. Currently I'm learning Spanish, but after I want to learn Russian, Korean, Greek and Portuguese. Strange mix, right? I'm Bulgarian and my parents speak Russian so I want to learn it -- also for those awesome Russian books! Korean sounds pretty to me and I want to understand dramas (lol), I'm part Greek, and Portuguese is really pretty.
  4. I've always loved the Arabic script. It looks so beautiful and mystical. Sanskrit too.
  5. A few days ago I came across Babadum. It's a really attractive website which teaches you new vocab in 14 languages through simple games. Currently the languages are: GB English, US English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, and Lithuanian. You can also learn Hiragana and Katakana. They are currently in the process of adding: Hungarian, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Hebrew, Danish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Norwegian, Korean, and Finnish. You can access it on your phone too as it has a mobile version. I just thought it was worth telling everyone about
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