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  1. Lol @czarina84, I could see this happening in real life too. Idioms seem to have a cultural root, so the fact that some will get completely misconstrued doesn't seem far fetched. Come to think of it I'd like to see a thread dedicated to idioms gone wrong.
  2. This is a cool thread. Normally I would run a question like this through a translator to get my answer, but I'd never get the reasoning as to why the sentence structure was the way it was. Thank you native speakers for giving me a detailed answer as to why it should be rather than "this is the answer goodbye".
  3. That's a great question that had never crossed my mind. I guess I always assumed there was a program setting that would automatically translate the letters via some sort of software program. Although in the case where a letter didn't exist, I can definitely see where a problem would occur.
  4. Agentzero, Rosetta works well for me, but as XLS stated it is also very beneficial to get additional exposure to the language by watching some Spanish television as well. Listening to Spanish music can also greatly improve your enunciation. As far as Rosetta goes, though it does focus mostly on visuals, if you have a headset with you can also get a good grasp of the speaking with their auditory play and repeat features.
  5. I too am a fan of the Arabic script, Tibetan, and even Gothic calligraphy; but I've also noticed that almost any script can be beautiful depending on who's doing the writing. You can actually find beautiful script in some of the most least likely areas. In several ghettos across the world I've seen some amazing graffiti that left me in awe. This led me to believe that it's not necessarily the script that makes something spectacular, but rather the end result the writer/artist is able to translate on their canvas.
  6. Hello from Florida! I'm currently learning Spanish via Rosetta Stone and so far I'm really enjoying it. I find it fascinating how many words are similar to the English words I've been using my entire life. Languages have always been an interesting subject to me and I feel like understanding different languages give me an insight into different cultures and life perspectives. Needless to say I'm very excited to learn more and more everyday. If any users know of any good Spanish movies to refer me to I would love to begin watching them to improve my language skills.
  7. As far as learning goes the more ways the merrier. We are all different and everyone has a method that can be more effective than the next. With that being said this "picture method" you've described is definitely worth a shot. I know from using Rosetta that pictures followed by words have always helped me grasp a new concept.
  8. Personally I like Rosetta Stone myself. I don't think they have an app as far as I know. Personally I only like to use apps as a quick reference for new words and diction rather than the sole source of learning an entire language. I like a program to be thorough and though apps are great, I need a little more depth in my learning experience. Rosetta works for me because they feature enunciation, comprehension, writing, and visual examples to help guide you through your language journey.
  9. I think that this is a great way to keep sharpen and improve your language skills. When watching a movie we are using two of our senses, sight and auditory. This coupled with our brain working to comprehend what we are seeing and hearing in our native tongue can prove as an effective fun way to learn something new. The fact that you are watching the movie again with the foreign language being in subtitle is even better for your understanding of the said language.
  10. I agree, learning one or two other languages whilst growing up would greatly benefit everyone. Not only would it give the student an advantage academically, but it would also give a student a chance to learn and understand a different culture as well. With the world becoming more and more diverse, learning another language or two can only have beneficial results.
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