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  1. The most boring part of learning a new language for me i think is the repetition stuff, I'd love to learn new things just at once!... otherwise the most exciting part for me is when i'm finally able to read or listen some original stuff in my goal language, even though in a basic level.
  2. i'm fond of watching films and knowing English has helped me to watch them in VO which makes me enjoy much more the experiencie of whatching films
  3. On learning a new language it's usual to feel fear of make mistakes when it comes to talk to someone in our goal language. So i wonder what do you do in order to get rid of that sensation? Do you use some technique that actually work out on you? Let me know!
  4. Here where i live (Majorca) aside from learning Spanish they teach us in school to speak ''Mallorquin''. It is a local language which is alike to ''Catalán''... well, actually it's the same thing though there are some different words and the pronuntiation is also a bit different but i'd say it's almost the same thing.
  5. i finished a translation from English of Anna Karenina almost a year ago, it was the first book in English that i read so i will always remember that story altough as you say i wouldn't recommend it to someone who is not fluent. It was really hard to understand.
  6. Yeah i remember i read an Italian novel that my mother brought me since at that time i was starting to learn Italian, It was called 'Nebbia e Fuoco' i think (i don't remember who is the author). Sadly i had to left my learning of Italian apart so it was the only one novel that i read in another language aside from English and Spanish (my native language).
  7. I agree that pronuntiation is very important. What I usually do is watch films or tv shows with subtitles in the goal language, then i try to keep in mind the pronuntiation of the words that i have a little trouble and repeat them properly through the day.. Another thing that i usually do is repeat what i am reading out loud in order to get used to pronouncing words in the goal language the more, the merrier. They also say that repeating the trouble words in a exaggerated way helps to pronounce them better but i have not tried it yet.
  8. I'd say that my mainly resource is the network. Through Internet i have found a great deal of resources to learn firstly English and then German. Initially i started learning grammar from a couple of websites that kindly teach you grammar for free, then i added some others resources like pdf books, tv shows/films with subs in English and online games where i could meet some native speakers. Now for learning German im trying to do the same and besides i'am constantly searching new resources in order to improve my learning and understanding of the language (in my search i found duolingo wich is really useful for the begginer level, flashcards, memrise, forums and blogs like this...). I find that people don't know yet the truly potentiat that the net has for learning. At least i didn't until i started this journey.
  9. I think that most likely they would be: -Spanish (native) -English (imperative) -German (There are lots of germans where i live and i work in tourism) -Italian (easy to learn for spanish speakers and i love this language) -French (love this language as well although i might change it for Japanese)
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