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  1. I'm from America, so rap is one of the biggest music genres here. Though originally rap in it's original form was a type of beat poetry apparently? I do like some rap, though not all of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcQP7M8gx6A
  2. I've only had a mild interest in Latin, but I remember my friend learning it years ago. And then rereading Harry Potter, and realizing that pretty much all of the spells and half the names are just straight up Latin, haha. Latin is the backbone of a lot of languages, and since I'm considering going into a medical field, I think I'll end up learning it.
  3. I think it would depend on what your birth language is? Like, English is Latin based, so learning another Latin based language should come a little easier. Such as French, Italian, Spanish and etc. I personally find it very hard to learn Cyrillic based languages, like Russian or Turkish. Though languages spoken by a lot of people is always good to learn!
  4. I really love Hindi! Though I also really love the look of Sanskit and Hangul. Pretty much an language that is not Latin based I love, haha.
  5. I think it's just a region thing at this point. Where I'm from everyone says Ketchup, but my friend from Florida says it's Catsup. Not to mention, we both have a mutual friend, who says in New Zealand, there's no such thing as ketchup/catsup, they call it tomato paste.
  6. The younger you are, the better! Start teaching them other languages when they are toddlers and it will be easier for them to learn and keep fresh in the mind. I'm in my twenties trying to learn new things, and it's hard.
  7. Because it would help when traveling, and even with work! I work in an area with a high amount of Spanish speakers, so learning Spanish would make my job so much easier. The Italian is just for fun, mostly spurred on by learning snippets of Italian from playing a bunch of Assassin's Creed games, haha. I mostly when to learn more languages for fun, but it also opens up your universe a little bit more.
  8. Yeah, if you don't personally know them, I wouldn't jump into a random persons conversation. Even more so it you're not fluent; it would just be straight up rude. I really wouldn't want to impose or butt in, since you would probably get a negative reaction from the person/people you are trying to converse with, also.
  9. I think there are many factors to it's popularity. It's nice, because it lets you learn a language for free and it's app based. You can be anywhere, and learn/practice a language as long as you have your phone with you. It's also nice, because it teaches you like a game. It's only down side it that it feels more like it's teaching you random phrases and words, then actually teaching you have to speak fluently in another language. My friend says it's good starter or warm up to learning a language, but to move on to better language programs afters a while.
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