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  1. A spin-off game from my favorite series (Monster Hunter) is only available in Japanese. I tried playing it , but I don't think I had enough practice with general video game actions to make it work. I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do, and because I couldn't read/say the text out loud, I couldn't remember it from screen to screen to find where ti was consistent. Has anyone found that written language vs. spoken language in a game is more helpful?
  2. I'm not currently studying ASL, but it's a fascinating language. Have you found any good resources for it? I don't really want to ask anyone to practice with me until I have at least a little knowledge because I feel like I'm wasting their time!
  3. I'm a fellow Vietnamese learner! Rat gioi gap ban! Ban co khoe kong? I study Vietnamese because my boyfriend's family immigrated to the United States from Vietnam and I want to be able to talk to them in the language they're most comfortable in. I've found that the ipad/iphone app L-Lingo works pretty well for me. I've tried Rosetta Stone but get don't do well with immersion. Finding children's books (local library sales) and reading those with a dictionary in-hand, then writing letters to someone (whether or not they get sent) helps a lot with reading and writing, because I learn the mos
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a native English speaker with a little experience in French from high school. I'm currently trying to learn Vietnamese, but my biggest hurdle is that I tend to be lazy. Looking forward to meeting people on here and hopefully learning more about good ways to learn a language! I'm always open to help out new English speakers and chat.
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