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  1. I actively started learning the language when I was 11, till then it was just a subject in school, which I would barely pass, but after that age I used different resources to actively learn it like: English tv programs English news English movies English Youtube videos English Newspapers All these combined helped me a lot. At the start I would not understand anything but with passage of time, it became easier for me to understand the language due to so many resources which I had to learn English from.
  2. I almost always try to speak in English even when I am at my home, as this ensures that I am getting fluent in speaking as well as writing the language. Also, daily practice ensures that I am able to put the new words which I learn into practice as well and thus ensuring that I am able to enhance the vocabulary as well as have a constant habit of speaking as well. I encourage you to practice it in normal day to day life as it would benefit you a lot.
  3. I simply write a sentence down on the board in a language which they want to learn and the first person to decipher it wins something, whether it is good grades or gifts or something else. This usually does the trick as students often rush through the books in order to actually find out what it means and thus ensuring that it becomes easier for you to actually spark their curiosity to understand the language and the context of the language as well and come with the meaning themselves.
  4. This has been my experience personally. The reason for this is that non native speakers do not assume that you would be familiar with the language till a certain level, they just assume that you would start learning from scratch and therefore, they ensure that they are starting with the basics, which ensures that you are able to get plenty of time and practice to learn since they would not be rushing through the initial stages, thinking you know things.
  5. I usually use a website like thesaurus . com which ensures that you are able to learn new words. I have taught many of friends using such websites. Also, when the students are stuck at the pronunciation the best way is to ensure that you are able to play a youtube video because you have plenty of pronunciation videos on youtube, which would help you in teaching the pronunciation as well. Not exactly a book or a course, but if you want free resources, these 2 are the perfect ones.
  6. I personally judge myself on how quickly I can form the sentences for everything which I have to say. I also judge myself on how clearly I can explain myself in the new language which I am learning. When I am able to assess both of these things it is much more easier for me to look into the progress and understand whether I am actually progressing on learning new words or not.
  7. Teacher would be knowing about the background which children usually come from and therefore when the teacher is teaching, he or she would be teaching according to the current languages which you are familiar with and therefore, ensuring that you are able to pickup the language quicker. Moreover, when you are asking any doubts from the teacher, they would be able to explain to you until you actually understand the topic and thus ensuring that you are able to clear your doubts and learn the language as you want.
  8. Depending on the cost, it can be affordable as compared to the internet websites. Also, as you mentioned it uses the images and videos to help you better understand and the visual memory is the strongest type of memory and therefore. you can ensure that you would be able to remember those words more clearly as well to ensure that you are able to use it in the sentences in the future.
  9. When I use that word repeatedly, I sure do remember the source from where I learnt that word. Not the exact time though like you mentioned but surely do remember the source of the word. The more you use it, the more you remember how you learn it. The best way to remember it is to associate it with a memory when you learn it.
  10. I personally use dictionary . com It tells you the synonyms as well, which ensures that you are able to start learning other words which mean the same as well. They have a application as well, which ensures that you are able to learn new words on your mobile phone as well. Moreover, they update you with a new word each day so you can learn that way as well.
  11. I personally read a lot of books from Brian Tracy. Almost each and everyone of his books. He is a non fiction writer and writes on self improvement. Some of his books which I have read are: Eat that frog Maximum achievement Goals All of which are a master piece. If you are looking for a author on self improvement, he is the best out there and some others I often read are Les Brown in the same niche.
  12. Personally for me, Namaste is still around in the formal circles, like whenever I meet my in laws, it is used often. From normal day to day conversation, it is vanishing that is true, but it still has it's place in the Indian Conversation. Hopefully it stays that way as it is a huge ice breaker when you are in the formal circles.
  13. regarding the word "Advice" its more to do with the parts of speech and which English you speak. But when it comes to "Prize" and "Price", the meaning is entirely different, at least in the way in which we were taught English in school. Prize = You have won the first prize in the competition. Price = What is the price of this game? So the meaning is entirely different here. Hope that helps.
  14. I use a website named polish my writing. It marks out the grammar errors as well as spelling errors and thus making it easier for me, whenever I am writing on my computer. I normally also use dragon naturally speaking to make myself practice how to speak and then check the text in Microsoft word for errors and also the above website, as you can see, both of these tools help me in getting the grammar right and making me fluent in English with proper grammar. It is not foolproof but it works and spots almost 90% of your mistakes in grammar combined.
  15. @agentzero I have taught people over skype. You might feel awkward at the start but as time goes on, it would get much more easier since you would now be comfortable over the interface. The only problem is that when the other person is not in front of you, the discipline is lacking, like if they are at home, someone might call them or they can get distracted because someone came, that is the main issue. If they are able to focus continuously without anyone disturbing for that hour or two, you would have absolutely no problems.
  16. One of the ways which I have personally found to be quite effective in learning English, is to learn one new word a day. I personally use the dictionary.com app and it would buzz you with a new word every day and let you know its meaning as well. Thus making it easier for you to continuously add the words to your vocabulary and thereafter you would automatically remember it to use it in sentences when you are speaking.
  17. I personally still prefer the good old way of the traditional book reading. I have tried kindle, but do not find it that much interactive like holding the book. In rare cases, when I am not able to get the book which I want at the nearest book store I opt for ebook but that is only till I get my hands on the paperback. I really prefer the good old way as that allows me to take continuous notes as well.
  18. I personally prefer British English since it is native to me but as I work with international clients a lot, I am trying to train myself in American english as well while speaking, to ensure I am able to communicate frequently. Once you get the hang of it, it's not that difficult to interpret.
  19. I have worked as a professional writer and translator. For English to Hindi and English to Spanish. The only thing which you need to take care about while working as a translator is to always have the correct grammar and understand the context of each sentence and thereafter you would be able to translate quite easily without any issues.
  20. I personally just use the literature of that language including the movies and more importantly the television news bulletins and newspaper. At the start, you would get irritated hence you would barely understand half the things and this sheer irritation would provoke you to explore more and learn more about the language and soon enough, it would be easy for you to understand and speak. At least, that's the way I opt for and I am able to learn them quite easily.
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