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  1. Hi, Could someone help me with some expressions/sentences I don't understand or don't find the right expression in English? It's needed for a translation project and it's really important! Thank you! 1. Ca te fait quelque chose. 2. On va baliser le terrain! Mais il n'y a rien á baliser. (couple at the airport, waiting for their baggages) 3. Même la crevette elle nous a regardé elle a dit "j'te jure moi aussi j'trouve c'est abusé". 4. C'est comme ça faut s'y faire hein... 5. Elle m'a quitté. Je fait le malin mais c'est moi qui ai pas assuré. 6. Moi j'ai des copains ils ont
  2. Yes, it's from Papa est en haut
  3. Hi! It's so nice of you What would you like to get in exchange for your help? I need about 60 minutes of this video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2_jBLDHuUwBVFA2SkdQSjBsNFE Thanks!
  4. Hi, Thank you! I got it right then, I just didn't think that was really funny I thought there was another funny element in the joke that I didn't get.
  5. Hi, Could someone help with the transcription of a French video? In exchange, I can design a new logo, birthday/wedding invitation or something similar for you Thanks!
  6. Hi, Could someone translate this phrase into English or just explain why it is funny? Is there any culture-specific humour involved here that I don't get? I'd really appreciate your help. "Vous êtes d'où? Oui." Thank you!
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