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tagalog idiomatic expression


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I like "bungang-tulog" meaning dreams and literally meaning "sleep-fruit". Dreams are literally the fruits of our sleep.

"Makati ang paa" ot "itchy feet" refers to someone who likes going places.

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"Balat-sibuyas"- Literally means "onion-skinned" but we use to describe a sensitive person.

"Tengang-kawali" which literally means "Ear" (tenga) of a "cooking pan" (kawali)  :grin: to describe those people pretending not to hear something.

"Tulog-Mantika" Literally means "sleep" (tulog) and "oil" (mantika) but use to describe a person in a deep sleep.

That's all I can think of right now.  :smile:

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Here are some that I could think of right now:

Ningas-Kugon - a description to someone who likes to procrastinate

Bukas Palad -  a person who is always willing to share

Mababaw ang Luha - a person who easily cry

Malikot ang Kamay - someone who is kleptomaniac

Matalas ang utak - someone who is intelligent

nakahiga sa salapi - someone who is rich

ngiting aso - grinning

I know there are so much more but here are my contributions for now.

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Here's another one...

Utak Lamok - A stupid person.  "Lamok" is mosquito in English and "Utak" means brain, so literally it means mosquito brain. 

Butas ang bulsa - Referring to a person with no money.  "Butas" is a hole in English while "bulsa" means pocket. So literally it means a pocket with a hole.  So maybe it's the reason why that person has no money.  :smile:

I've encountered a lot of Tagalog idiomatic expressions before especially when talking to the elders (i.e. grandparents) in our family but somehow I can only recall a few.  :grin:

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Ngiting gago - literally "grinning like an idiot".

Makati yung kamay - literally "itchy hands", used to describe a kleptomaniac or someone who loves to steal or touch things.

Balat-kalabaw - literally "Carabao skinned", carabaos have thick skins so it describes someone with the same quality.

Balat-sibuyas - The sibuyas is a kind of fruit that is easily bruised due to it's think skin, so it's the opposite of balat-kalabaw.

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"Balat-sibuyas" has been mentioned already.  I also noticed that "makati ang kamay" is like a variant of "malikot ang kamay".  :smile:

Anyway, here's some more:  :grin:

  • Pusong bato - literally means a heart (puso) of stone (bato). use to describe a person with no feelings/emotions or those who don't know how to love.
  • Agaw buhay -  when a person is in the brink of death because of an accident or health issues.
  • Tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib - when we are saying something totally different to what we are really feeling. Sorry I don't know the literal translation of the phrase. :speechless:

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This is the only one I can think of right now:

-pasang krus (in relation to having a mole in your shoulder) means you'd be carrying a big burden.

Oh, there's also 'hugas kamay' which means not taking responsibility for a deed that was done.

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"Mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro" - Is used for people who'd respond to certain tasks, right away.

For instance, it takes my young cousin to respond or complete errands in a timely manner. But if we tell him that we'd go to the mall or we'd go on an unplanned outing/getaway, he's "mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro"! Funny and always relatable! :D

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