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Your favorite French singers and bands?

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What are your favorite French singers or bands?

I love oldies. So, I like to listen to Edith Piaf and Enrico Macias. Back in the days, I also loved listening to Patricia Kass on my way to French class. It always helped get me into the mood. I also think it helped me a bit with my accent.

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There's a French rapper by the name MC Solaar. He's probably one of the more well known French rappers. While learning the French language I love to listen to music in the native tongue because it really can help you understand different vocabulary as it is used in different contexts. I have never heard of Patricia Kass but will definitely check her out now!

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I love some of the French-speaking singers from the 50's and 60's, like Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg or Leo Ferre. Among the most recent singers, the only one I enjoy (and which I would consider a bit of a guilty pleasure) is Mylène Farmer.

My main love is French Rock bands, especially Progressive Rock. Groups like Ange, Arachnöid, Magma, Clearlight, Pulsar from the 70's, or the more recent Noir Désir, Nemo, Lazuli and Taal.


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Call me crazy, but the only french singer I like right now is ''Lolita''.  Here is a video of my fav song:

I've all the mixes and remixes of this song :)  I love electronic music, the first time I heard this I was just amazed!

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