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Learning advantages or disadvantages


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We all have some advantages and some disadvantages when it comes to language learning. My main

disadvantages are that:

1. Unless I am in an immersion environment I am a very slow learner.

2. Reading grammar and learning vocabulary at home does not really work for me.

3. I have very little free time to dedicate to my studies.

My main advantages are

1. An overdeveloped sense of focus - my only male quality

2. Stamina - I am able to go on and on even when I have little to show for it

3. I am not afraid of making a fool of myself - which makes it really easy to speak once I have the chance.

So what are your advantages and disadvantages?

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- I seem to have an almost-endless supply of motivation.

- I'm a good logical thinker which helps me pick up grammar and notice patterns and

connections, which leads to:

- Good listening comprehension.

- Most of the languages that interest me are closely related.


- I really don't pick up pronunciation and accent easily - I have to dedicate lots of

time and attention to it and even after that it's only just passable.

- Despite being fairly extroverted, I'm a bit shy and not amazing at socialising, which

makes it difficult to find opportunities to practice and to get the most out of the

opportunities I do have. I'm working on this of course!

- Lack of free time - I have a busy life so fitting in language study can be difficult.

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1) I have ADD, so I get distracted quite easily!

2) I have serious concentration issues because of my ADD.

3) I'm forced to learn a language I don't even like or feel like learning :(

4) My eyes are killing me all the time!

5) I have almost no time to study a new language (but today I tried very hard and made it!)


1) I'm a quick learner.

2) I have a great memory.

3) Once I'm motivated I can do a lot!

4) I truly enjoy learning new languages; the ones I'm truly interested in!

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I am not afraid to ask about what I don't understand.

I am a fast learner.

I have a strong memory.

I work well with others.


I prefer to study in a group.

I don't study well at nights.

I have limited time at hand

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Very interesting topic! I see a lot of things I have in common with our members here. My specific advantages are probably that I have a pretty good memory and analytic skills. However, no matter how good my memory is, I will eventually forget it if I don't use it so I'd say that even that is heavily dependent on what my particular situation is at any given time. Also, I'm pretty lazy, so I usually put off lessons sometimes, but I try not to let my laziness get overboard.

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