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Very funny video to learn the "bo po mo fo"

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This is a really cute and adorable way to learn. Perfect for kids (and the young at heart). I think while pinyin and the bopomofo is essential to get a firm grasp of Mandarin phonetics at the initial stage, there will come a stage when memorizing hanzi will be more critical.

A friend of mine, a French woman who was traveling with some Norwegian friends in the late 80s in Northern China. They all spoke very basic Mandarin and when they tried to communicate with the locals, there were inevitable mishaps in communication and despite knowing that my friends were not fluent in Mandarin, the locals (shop owners, bus drivers etc.) kept trying to write Chinese characters on pieces of paper or traced them with a finger in the air in an attempt to communicate. The usage of Hanzi is so ubiquitous and omnipresent in Chinese culture that the Chinese even think that foreigners will understand their meanings!

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