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Exclamation sentence


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What is exclamation sentence?

    Exclamation sentence is a sentence which describes feeling such as: happy, angry, worry, susprise...

    There are two types of exclamation sentence:

1. What + a/an + Adjective + Noun!

    Example: What a beautiful day!

                What an ugly picture!

                What a sunny day!

                What a bad weather!

2. How + Adjective + Subject + Be!

    Example: How handsome he is!

                How amazing story is!

                How bad it is!

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There are also other ways to use the exclamation point, the above are just two examples of how they can be used. You can use an exclamation in almost any sentence that expresses a lot of emotion.

For example:

"You stole my bag!" "No, I didn't!" - expressions of anger for an upcoming argument.

"Hey!" "Hello!" - salutations from across the room.

"OMG! AHHHH!!!" - fan girls who saw their idol.

"Woah! You scared me." "Sorry." - expressions of surprise.

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Thanks for sharing your comments!

From what i have learned from my teacher, they only told me that those are some ways to express and descride your feeling. Some sentence you wrote, I think that should be depended on the way you talk such as when you are angry, happy, worried.... Therefore, they need some words likes wow, ahh, ohh...

Anyways, thanks for your sharing!

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I work with little kids and i find that the exclamation is something that they struggle to understand in their homework. I try to explain to them that you have to consider the situation. For example, these sentences all say the same thing, but are entirely different due to the punctuation.

It was me.

It was me!

It was me?

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I generally use exclamation points to express strong emotions. For example, when writing about emotions such as anger, fear and disappointment I use exclamation points. I think that sometimes, there's a risk that people may misinterpret a writer's use of the exclamation point. You may intend to convey surprise and a reader may think that a statement conveys anger instead.

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If there is something that has to be said with much more force than a normal sentence would allow I end it with an exclamation mark. Makes the emotion to be conveyed much stronger.

"Stay away from the car!" invokes a warning with the guy speaking probably pointing a gun at you or something.

"Stay away from the car." seems a lot more silent.

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I've seen sentences of this type, and some people still get confused on how to properly create or understand them. I remember two rules when it comes to exclamatory sentences: to use "what" when the noun in the sentence is plural, and that to use the exclamation point only at the end of the sentence.

Rule Number 1 Example: What obedient dogs these are!

Rule Number 2 Example: Hey, don't go there!

I hope I was able to contribute properly to this thread with these set of rules  :party:

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