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Question with " What"


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Question with What is usually asked about thing, name, date, month, job, time.....

For example: 

    What is this?

        This is a table

    What are these?

        These are tables

    What is your name?

        My name is ABC

    What is their names?

        Their name is AAA

    What is the date?

        It is November 16th.

    What is today?

        Today is Sunday.

    What is your job?

        I am a student.

    What are their jobs?

        They are students.

    What is the time?

        It is 9.00 pm

    What is your nationality?

        I am Chinese.

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I just want to throw this in because it relate to the topic. It's basically reiterating what kenthoang28 said.

Asking a question involving the word "what" means that the question is usually about a noun. Any kind of noun can be used, many of the examples provided by kenthoang28 are nouns. The ones he uses:

Everything that is in bold and underlined is part of the noun classification for English.

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