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Most common french words // Phrases for travelers


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We have already seen a really nice collection of beautiful french words. Now I would like to add some easy phrases and french words for travelers:

May I help you ? Est-ce-que je peux vous aider?

Do you speak English? Parlez vous l'anglais?

How old are you? Vous avez quel âge?

I'm lost? Je suis perdu.

Could you please speak a little bit slower? Pouvez-vous parler un petit peu plus lentement, s'il vous plâit?

Where are the toilets?  Où sont les toilettes?

I (really) don't know. Je ne sais pas.(J'ai aucune idée).

Please add some more useful french words and phrases for travelers (beginners).

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This is a great thread! I find it really helpful to know these types of phrases by heart so that when I am in such a situation, I can pull them out quickly. I make sure to learn both complete phrases and half phrases.

Here are some complete phrases I can add to the list above:

1. Comment t'appelles-tu  =  What is your name?

2. Je parle un peu français  =  I speak a little French.

3. Je ne comprends pas  =  I do not understand.

4. Quelle heure est-il  =  What time is it?

Here are some half phrases (sentence starters) that I think are important if you ever need to get pass the very basic:

1. Il est...  =  It is...

2. Tu es...  =  You are...

3. C'est...  =  This is.../It is...

4. J'ai...  =  I have...

5. Je voudrais...  =  I would like...

6. Il y a...  =  There is...

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I am not a native French speaker, but I love some of these ideas. I'm imagining myself traveling through France and what I might have to say to find my way around. Asking where the bathroom is is key, as well as "Could you speak a little slower?"

I think asking someone's name and age is good to know for polite chit chat, but on my trip as a tourist in another country I found myself asking these questions over and over, which gave me lots of good practice in another language:

"How much does it cost?"

"What time is it?"

"Where is the ___?"

Taxi drivers need directional Words! Left, right, up, down, over, under, around, straight

"I would like/I'll have the _______" (Ordering food or asking for something from a store clerk)

Traveling in another country can be fun when you know what to say in the right moment!

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