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Kanji Writing Practice Sheets


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Hey, those are really cool!

Particularly when you are just beginning to learn how to write kanji, these are extremely helpful to use. Actually, it's what they use in schools in Japan for the students to learn kanji! The grids help you to learn how to properly balance the characters so that it will look nice (and perhaps more importantly, easy to read) when you write them.

Once you get the hang of these, I highly recommend that you use flashcards with the meaning of the kanji or, even better, words that use those kanji to practice writing them without looking at it and just copying. But still, getting to know the right way to get your kanji looking really nice is SUPER important if you want to be able to write Japanese.

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Nice share! I always practise with this kind of paper or even with books having those squares in it. (usually those books being for young children starting how to write kanji / chinese characters hehe).

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