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About the 頑張って blog post

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Forum post due to the lack of placing comments on the blog.
Post in question: https://linguaholic.com/linguablog/good-luck-in-japanese/

I think the post is accurate, but there is 1 little thing missing that I've noticed very recently.
Someone wanting to learn Japanese meant to say "well, good luck finding my email address" and said "まぁ、私のメールアドレスを見つけて頑張ってね".
What is wrong about it? Sarcasm!

In Japanese there is no concept of "sarcasm", and is therefore not understood by native Japanese speakers with little to no exposure to any western language.
So while an English speaker intends to say "you won't find my email address any way, so give up already", a Japanese speaker would understand it as "do your best, I'm counting on you".
So it's certainly something to look out for, lots of your Homer Simpson jokes might end up disappointing you a big time, as while you're trying to be funny they end up confused instead.

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