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Is it possible to learn a new language without school, hiring a tutor, or immersion in that country?

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I want to learn this particular language to help my job chances in my particular field (and because I like this language), but due to financial constraints and family responsibilities, I'm unable to attend school, hire a tutor, and certainly not able to spend time in that overseas country with immersion. Is it possible to learn a foreign language on my own solely with learning resources online and possibly small Russian meetups locally? I mean, without it taking me years? I've already studied German and Spanish, and though I'm not fluent in them, I know what's involved with studying a foreign language.

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Yes, it's possible.
However, more effort is required this way.

You can learn well without school.
Unless you're learning the language in a school located in the country of the language, you'd probably not be learning too much from it.
Because language schools generally tend to be 30 minutes or 1 hour twice or once a week, and if the school is located outside of the country where that language is spoken, the vast majority of the language used during classes is not going to be the language you came to learn.

You can learn without hiring a tutor, but having input from a native speaker that is trained to be a tutor is recommended.
However, many languages have such tutors uploading lessons to YouTube for free, some might give instructions in English, some others might give instructions in a simplified version of the target language (I personally recommend the latter option, even if you're just starting out).

You can immerse outside of the target country too.
There might be a community of migrants from the country you want to learn the language of somewhere in your country.
Otherwise you can just buy comics, novels, games, drama, DVD or BluRay, etc. from that country to have it in that language.
Or you can follow something like the news in the language of your target language for free online, though reading from a screen might be tiresome really quick.
Again, there might be YouTube videos in your target language that are fun to watch.

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It's certainly possible. No doubt about it. I've checked it on myself and still continue to improve.

I would even say if you really want to learn and are ready to put the time and effort in it -- you are going to succeed even on your own. But without an effort - the won't be any results.

And if you are lazy -- no matter what school or tutor you have -- the results will be poor.

Considering the abundance of learning materials and multimedia, you can be very effective on your own. I think video lessons, podcasts etc. can substitute a teacher almost completely.

The only thing you need is to be persistent and methodical.


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