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Help me to choose service

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Hi, I am new to French language and learning day by day, I have one question, I am learning from online translate services like Google and Microsoft, I want to know which service is better in translation and grammar, for example I am converting This English sentence to French - "Hey! How are you? Did you eat breakfast?" - Google Translate - Hé comment vas-tu, as-tu pris le petit déjeuner? - Microsoft Translator - Comment vas-tu, as-tu déjeuné - So basically which one is correct?

Thank you!

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If you want to learn grammar: STOP!!

Online translation machines are the worst way to learn grammar in the world.
AI don't understand context no matter how advanced, grammar = context.

Just imagine typing in "ツイッターで宣言" into Google and Bing Translate.
Both will result in "declared on Twitter", then some other service will give "propaganda at Twitter", while what you actually mean to say translates to "advertising on Twitter".
So 3 sentences in English that mean completely different from one other, but in Japanese all 3 translate to the same thing.

Or a couple of years ago I quickly wanted to know the Japanese word for "slippers".
Google Translate gave me "ベロベロ", so I asked at the store if they have any ベロベロ, and everyone in the store were laughing so hard, it took them 5 minutes before they became able to speak again.
They then told me that "ベロベロ" means "being drunk", which is not even close to what I meant to say.

Plus you'll be getting into the problem you're facing: "which one is correct?".
You can ask a human who can speak French, but automated translators aren't humans.

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