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What do you think about smartphone addiction ?

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Hi there, 

That’s wonderful as well as a tense topic nowadays. As we see our children spend more than half of a day in mobile phones. Which is extremely bad for their physical as well as mental health.

I’ve concluded some of the points about that mobile addiction:

  • It causes of mental issues.

  • It causes of physical issues.

  • It reduces concentration power.

  • It causes of laziness.

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On 9/7/2020 at 4:57 PM, 宇崎ちゃん said:

One question: how does this relate to language learning?

Received no reply back thus far.
However, this topic is pretty decent and certainly important for free flow of information purposes, so instead of locking I'll just move it to the "Promote your Website/App/Game/Video" category.

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Not sure I can ever know how that feels like, considering me being the opposite gender.:lol:
But it sure is tiring to keep looking at such a small screen, and stressful to actually type on it.
But then again I'm the generation that grew up using desktop computers, and later on laptops as well, smartphones haven't really been part of my childhood or even teenagehood, so naturally I feel way more comfortable using an actual computer with a physical keyboard (mouse is just optional to me, as there's very little things I can't do without a mouse anyway) than a little toy which doesn't have a properly functioning keyboard (or rahter, at all) and has no way of keeping the screen readable because of the fingerprints all over the screen.

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