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University project - need your support


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Dear everyone,

I hope you are all doing well! I am Nik and I am from Germany. For university we are currently doing a project about languages for which I need your support.

Our mission is to create a social language platform which helps people like you to learn another language AND culture in a playful way. Once reached a certain language proficiency you can have your progress officially validated. If you are looking for new professional opportunities abroad, you can also find companies looking for people like you via the platform.

To sum it up, the platform should help you to facilitate integration into a new country and its society. We want to make this platform also available to the part of society with limited financial means.

For this I kindly ask you for 3min of your time and invite you to answer some questions in order to help us understand better your needs and wishes. Here is the link to our survey: https://forms.gle/jEjoeUN5PFEXzgb8A

Your support would be amazing! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

Many thanks,


PS: Any help is always welcome. Therefore, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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One problem with your questionnaire: the postal code area
1. is required.
2. only allows numbers.

The reason I say this is because I'm sure that a lot of people don't want to put in a postal code for privacy reasons (including myself), or you might live in a country where there are no postal codes at all, so I had to fill it up with 0's.
And only numbers is a problem for those who want to put in their postal code, but live in a country where postal codes consist of numbers and letters (one of your neighbouring countries is a big example of that).

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2 hours ago, EstherGibbs said:

Hey! Your idea is cool, but are you sure that such platfom will become popular? We have so many different platforms nowadays, but if it

 just a university project, then it's a cool one

Yes, I partly agree with you, but as I understood, that app will help to learn also a culture. And it makes it different

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The project is indeed interesting. Do you really want to launch an app, or it's just a university project? I'm asking because I need to do something similar, but without making it real. Actually, the project I'm working on is about language learning, and it has two parts - theoretical and practical. With all that literature research, analyzing, and writing, I got help from https://edubirdie.com/cheap-research-papers because I have limited time, but now I'm working on practicals. I also created a questionnaire and will soon send it to students at my university. It has both open and closed questions, and I expect to get very detailed, which will tell me if it's possible to create a good language-learning app with such concurrency.

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Your project sounds fascinating and promising, aiming to bridge languages, cultures, and professional opportunities. I appreciate your effort in creating a platform  essay writing service that promotes language learning and integration, especially for those with limited financial means. I've completed the survey and wish you the best of luck in your mission. I'll also consider sharing it with my network to support your cause.😐

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