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Greetings from Spain

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Hello everyone, how are you doing?

I'm glad to be a part of this forum as I don't usually use social media but it's nice to meet new people.

I live in a small country in Spain and in my free time I love going for walks to the mountain and ride my motorbike.

My mother tongue is Spanish and Catalan, so you can imagine what part of Spain I'm from ;-) 

I would love to become into a polyglot person, I  admire those people who can speak many different languages instead of I speak since I was a child two languages, it wasn't until 2012 when I became into an English fluent person, it happened when I went to live to Ireland for a year.

Si te gustaría mejorar tu español, escribeme, a mi me encantaría conocer a más gente y también mejorar mi inglés.

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10 minutes ago, lobasolitaria86 said:

My mother tongue is Spanish and Catalan, so you can imagine what part of Spain I'm from ;-) 

Yup, Catalonia.
I visited Barcelona a few years ago, beautiful city with a lot of stuff to do.

Do your best I'd say, you already know 3 languages, and a commonly agreed minimum to be considered a polyglot is 6 languages (so I'm not one of them sadly).
I had a dream of becoming a polyglot in the past too, but I realised that trying to reach that status was at the cost of mastery in the language, so I decided to take the slow path instead, and not move to the next language until I at the very least rival a native speaker of that particular language.

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