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Hey, some time ago I found a great yiddish song "Hanukkah Driidal" and I'd love to know the lyrics. I was looking for them, though I haven't found it anywhere on the internet. I'd really appreciate it if someone could write down and transliterate them for me. (It's not necessary but if they were translated into English/German/French etc too, it'd be even better )  :) 

Thanks in advance ! 


The link: https://youtu.be/iDSVDzxN4zY

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    • By Shurik
      Hello, everybody.
      I'm sorry if this forum is not for music, but I've been searching for those lyrics everywhere and never found them. I tried to write them by ear but cannot understand almost anything. Maybe a native speaker or a more fluent person than me can help me with this song and write down the lyrics ¿?  (The Grave Shall Be Forever by the band Paralysed Age).
      A translation into another language is not necessary (I understand written English, plus I just want to sing it and make my own version). Thanks a lot!

    • By jeanpaulraven
      Hi, I have found three letters and a postcard in very old family archives. They appear to be written in cursive Yiddish. I would very much like to have them translated to English. Can anyone help me? I can't upload them to here because there is a ridiculously low file size limit of 0.03 MB! My 4 files add up to 1.8 MB so if someone out there can read and translate from Yiddish and be willing to give me their email address to send these to, I'd be extremely grateful. I'd be happy to pay you something for your time.
      Hope to hear from someone soon.
      Jean-Paul R.
    • By anna3101
      In case you haven't heard it before, it's a must-have for anyone who loves learning French.
      La Langue De Chez Nous sung by Yves Duteil:
      I hope you like it as much as I do!
    • By anna3101
      I'm now trying to revive my long-forgotten German. My favourite method of learning a bit more vocabulary has always been listening to songs. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about German music except for Marlene Dietrich and Rammstein I like those two lot but would love to listen to something else as well.
      Could you please share your favourite German songs with me?
      Thanks in advance!
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