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Everyone makes mistakes


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Oh yes, I see grammatical and spelling errors in notice boards, flyers, commercials......

It's bad because a lot of kids learn from media, and without corrections by anyone they will assume that what they heard or saw on tv is the correct grammar/phrase/spelling/etc.

I get that mistakes are unavoidable occasionally, so I just ignore it as long as the messages they are trying to convey is still there, or isn't too far from it.

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Language mistakes like those are so common that I can't even be bothered to care about them anymore. I mean, as long as I get what they mean, I'm not going to bitch about it. I used to be really picky about language before, and I even used to point out all the flaws my classmates did (not out loud, but... still). And they always got insanely mad at me for pointing it out, and I actually got bullied for it, somewhat.

So, after that, I suppose I've gotten quite careless about language problems. I've learned not to care, because I remember how annoying it was to care, tell people, and see people get mad at me for telling them of their mistakes. That being said, I still notice all the problems that occur in media, and all... But you can CHOOSE not to care about it, if you want to :)

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Yeah, many times, both in English and Spanish.  It's amazing people who work in that field make mistakes like that.  Mistakes that seem very simple and easy to avoid, but for some reason people just keep on making them.  I must admit I still make mistakes, big ones sometimes, and I can't avoid but to feel really ashamed!  Yes, even if it's just in written form!  Can't imagine how ashamed I'd feel if I did that on national TV...!

I no longer care that much about mistakes done in private, but if I did that at work... whoooops!

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