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  1. I check my dictionary everyday! I have dictionary on my mobile phone. Whenever I need it, it is always there. For example, when I'm reading books or novels, and unfamiliar words appear, it's my habit to look on dictionary. Even when I'm talking with somebody else, I always look on my dictionary then take down notes all things that I've learned.
  2. Am I the only one who imagine everything that I read on the books, essays, etc, or everything that somebody else says to me? If this is a talent, then I would say that I'm so talented in terms of imagination.
  3. I'm a fast reader, but sometimes, when I read too fast, I need to re-read the passage or an entire paragraph because I didn't understand what I have read because there's something else in my mind. Haha! So I will slow down reading, then take down new unfamiliar words and look on the dictionary or thesaurus for meanings.
  4. Uhhh! It's really hard for me to study! I'm really really lazy. But in order to motivate myself, I eat a lot then I get enough sleep! So when I'm up, I'm already energized and I was able to study well. I don't study for hours, only whenever I want. Because you can't learn if you're just pushing yourself to study.
  5. I don't think it's a big deal when someone makes mistakes on speaking, as this thread's title says, "Everyone makes mistakes." So as long as you understand what the speaker is saying, it is alright.
  6. For me, if you have wrong grammar, it's a big turn-off. I believe that grammar is important because it affects our communication with others. Just a simple mistake can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations. So yeah, correct grammar is really important.
  7. I grew up here in the Philippines and I feel awkward whenever I'm speaking in English with a different accent. For them, if you speaks English, you grew up from a rich family. They would laugh because you were different, but I don't think that's discrimination since Filipinos are already used in people who speaks English here in the Philippines.
  8. Mixing my language and English language is natural here in my country. Because it's more awkward if you speak pure Tagalog. It's like you're going back to old times. I feel comfortable, I was able to express everything that I want to say if I'm mixing English language with my language.
  9. For me, speaking is the hardest. Because when you write, you were able to delete when you did wrong. When you read, you can re-read the phrase if you didn't understand what the phrase or paragraph says. But when you speak, you will not be able to erase it especially if it already hurt someone's feelings or vice versa.
  10. Putting subtitles is helpful. Sometimes characters in Foreign movies have different accent when speaking, so I find it hard to understand what they're saying. Sometimes, you can really understand a movie when subtitles were added to it. Here in the Philippines, they are using dubs, but I find it annoying. Subtitles are the best!
  11. Yes, they are big help in learning English Language. I'm a member of a group on Facebook named "LICSEN" means "LOOK! I CAN SPEAK ENGLISH NOW!" and I find it interesting. Though, here in Philippines, learning English language is normal, I still have to learn on the internet to be more fluent. I'm also using Google Translate and Thesaurus to know right words to use.
  12. Grammar Nazi's? I find them annoying when they're correcting other person in front of many people. For example, when someone posts a status update on Social media and had a wrong grammar, Nazi's will add stupid comments on it, and then everyone in the word will notice. If you really want to correct them, you can message them personally.
  13. I'm really bothered when someone uses shortcuts. Every time I'm creating a text messages, I fully write the words I wanted to say, the capitalization is perfect, and the punctuations are correct. Formality in writing is a big issue for me, because we're using it in the real world. School, work, etc.
  14. The other languages sounds better than mine. I'm a Filipino, and I speak Tagalog words. But I love speaking English words either in written or oral because it sounds good and sounds classy. I also wanted to learn Japanese and Chinese because their language sounds unique.
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